The shaving

So I shaved this morning. I shaved yesterday morning too. I even did this (both times) before having coffee. It must have been one of those rare occasions when I leave the apartment these days?


I leave the apartment most days to take one of my walks (especially when it isn’t too cold) but I don’t need to shave just to be out walking.

Oh you must have been meeting a friend?


Well technically that is wrong. Tonight I will be heading over to the Lake Erie Monsters game with the lovely Rizza and her dude. So technically I more than likely would have shaven today. That is besides the point.

Is it?

(Yes! Why must you torment me with questions all the time?)

We’ll focus more on yesterday then. Happy now? I wasn’t going anywhere really. No job interviews, no lunches or anything. There was a chance I would be going grocery shopping with the wife but like I care if Giant Eagle or Aldi’s people see me unshaven. Do you get that I hate shaving and won’t a great majority of the time? If I go too many days (and yes it happens a lot) I become real Wolfman like. I can get very hairy and very fast.


I really hate shaving. It takes way too much effort and time. So if there is a reason to skip it. I usually shave for anything involving friends (you’re welcome) but sometimes…

For instance this past Saturday we attended a party at Lindsay’s house. Now this would usually mean I was going to shave. The problem was the night before I went to bed at about 4am. I slept till about noon and then ran out to watch some March Madness. Soon it was late in the afternoon/early evening and I was dozing off on the couch. Now the wife being a great wife let me sleep until pretty much time to go. I got up and got ready with no time to shave. So there I was everyone pretty unshaven—

(No I was unshaven the others were less hairy.)
(You all never rest do you?)

As Alicia asked about Lauren’s wedding I joked that on the day I’d show up and *maybe* shave.

(I always shave for weddings.)
(There is a point to this post.)
(I promise.)

Despite the lack of doing anything (on Monday) I still shaved. Why? Because of this:

The wifebot and I were driving home Sunday. I don’t know how the subject turned to shaving but it did.

Me: Why shave? What reason do I have to shave?
Wifebot: Me!

And then you know light bulbs turned on and correct answer bells went off. Another thing that went off is something only I seem to have. You know the Star Trek red alert thing? Well that goes off when I’m going to start to feel bad about something, or regret something. I once said to Kat (wifebot) that I probably regretted close to 85% of things I’ve ever said or done in my life.

I don’t mean huge decisions (though some are in there I suppose.) when I say that about regret. Even the tiniest most throw away things fall into the Jimi will soon regret category. This is for another blog post though.

So that went off because I realized something. All in all I’m a pretty good husband—like with anything we can all be better—but I’m not too shabby. I remember what she likes and wants. I know all our special dates. I watch a lot of sports but I’m not unwilling to pass on them to do things. I love her. I show her love.
Hugs are never lacking.

Notes, texts random weird gifts and things.

Check, check and check.

She knows I love her. I can be better at being a husband. I know this. I can be a better writer, person etc… so of course I could always stand to be a better husband. All that being said I realized that doing all the nice things you can do to show those you care things can still slip past. It didn’t dawn on me to shave for her.
Why wouldn’t she like that?


I mean it is a simple thing. Of course she loves me for who I am, but that doesn’t mean she needs me to be Wolfman all the damn time. It is the little things that make everything else shine out more. It goes to show you no matter how hard you try there is always the danger of falling into the taking things for granted rut.

This post really shouldn’t see the light of the day. For numerous reasons:

1-Not very fun.
2-Not very interesting.
3-That whole admitting I regret so much. (I’ll probably regret that.)
4-It sort of just rambled and fell apart.

I suppose it deserves to live if anything just for that crude paint shop hair comparison.

Whatever go hug someone you love.


3 Responses to The shaving

  1. Mom Remick says:

    That’s what I like about you.

  2. @RailbirdJ says:

    Ah, yes, the shaving conundrum. I shave as much as I can for much the same reasons, including because my girlfriend likes me more human and less canine.

  3. kittenkaboom says:

    awe thanks hubby! If you keep this up I just might shave my legs for ya 😉

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