TMI Thursday: Now with more balls

It’s been a while since anything has happened that has stood out as a TMI must post. I know that doesn’t seem believable when it comes to me.

(When will he stop it with that same sort of joke?)

The TMI train has slowed a bit (as has many a story.) but something happened yesterday morning. It didn’t take very long (read basically the second I realized what was happening) for me to understand this needed to be posted.

A bit of set up before we begin though. I have these Guinness boxers (they ask “are you afraid of the dark’) that are rather comfortable. They are comfy but they are also rather annoying. The middle part tends to (after a few hours of wearing them) scrunch together. This can lead to junk hanging out among other problems. I won’t get into that.

(You’re welcome.)

AnyJunkAllOut as you may know there is a benefit to being unemployed. I don’t have to get dressed when I don’t want to. Today was one of them days. I woke up and threw on the boxers and a shirt. I had my breakfast and watched a bit of the telly.

I put my dishes in the kitchen and was about to turn the television off and head into the library for some writing and reading. Something on Libya caught my eye and I sat down on one of the chairs in the tv room.
As the story seemed to be nearing I inched closer to the edge of seat. I could feel ahem the uh “boys?” fall out of the boxers. Whatevs. I’ll fix it when I stand up.

The story was being wrapped up when-
What the hell?
Something just smacked my McNuggets. Like seriously.

I look down and my cat Rasputin was just about to whap my Olsen Twins.

(Oh man did I really just call them the Olsen Twins?)

I of course scared him off and as he ran thanked him for not using his claws. That could have ended badly.

Side note: The wifebot was okay with me using “Olsen Twins” here to refer to my balls as okay but thought “Furry meatballs” would be too gross for you all.


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