Overheard Ohio February style


Ah It be March. Spring is near. Let us celebrate with a look back at the best of Overheard Ohio for the month of February. I’ve decided to go with a top 5 because there weren’t 10 great ones. Keep checking over there for more fun!

5 “I don’t give no shit ma. Just cuz the last time they seen me I was high on crack & I stole their tv doesn’t mean they can be rude.”

4 “BOOOOOBIES! BOOOOBIES! Have you seen them ever?”–Young boy in the mens room to another boy.

3 “damn if you can’t watch him maybe grams can cus I got to masturbate at least a few times when I get
home”-lady looking at skirts in Walmart

2 “excuse me, I am a big black guy don’t be alarmed.” Big black guy to interracial couple walking on utoledo campus.

1 “I haven’t given him a BJ in over a month cus I caught him checking the cavs score on his phone during the last one”–drunk girl at the bar


2 Responses to Overheard Ohio February style

  1. lol to #1.

    she’s obviously not doing a very good job….

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