The one with January top Overheard

Don’t forget about @overheardohio on twitter. So without further delay here is the top ten sent into Overheard Ohio:

10. “I’ve been sitting at the computer so long my ass hurts & I think I have carpe diem in my wrists” – Girl at Speedway.

9. “You shouldn’t draw pictures of men sleeping on sofas.”–Semi-hipster dude at Fatheads to his buds.

8. “This Martin Luther King guy was the man huh mom?”–young kid to his mom.

7. “Any black girls lost their weave?Is there a lost and found, weave is expensive” guy at Waffle House.

6. “We can at least agree that the homeless have it better in terms of ability to pee wherever they want,right?”

5. “I can’t wait till spring so I can let this big ass hang all out!”–girl with big booty at the bus stop

4. “You need to stop staring at that young ladies chest & pay attention to what I have…to teach you.” Tutor to kid at Beachwood mall

3. “Hey they is dying in Iraq for my right to have a fucking ice cream cone. I put it up there. Count them

2. “What am I doing? I’m walking her dumb dog in the fucking cold. Why? Have you seen her tits?”—Guy walking dog.

1. “You peed on a dude because he thought that was sexy and you’re calling me crazy?” –guy on phone.


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