The one where I ask for a job

Last night I went to the Cavs game.

(Go ahead get it out of your system.)

It was a fun time. Yes they lost again. This was their 3,789 loss in a row. That number *May* be a little off, so check on it.

(Not by much.)

(Hey whose side are you on parenthesis?)


Yeah that’s more like it. They didn’t play too bad. There were moments where they appeared to be playing drunken dodge ball. That comment is courtesy the lovely Rizza. It was a good time as it almost always was. The place was nowhere near what it was during the well yeah….

AnyNotBringingHimUp it probably had to do with the company I had, but who cares if I had fun right? Rizza hit me up earlier in the day and asked if I wanted to go to the game with her. My answer in 90% of these times is “YES!” and last night was no different. The wifey dropped me off at the arena at about 6:40. I waited in front for Rizza and V to get there. As I was battling the cold I was approached by a man and a woman.

I was leaning against the railing and scrolling through “The twitter” as my former boss would call it. The man and woman looked pretty crunked up (in the non drunk or high way) and were carrying about 6 Family Dollar bags. This is what happened:

Man: Heyyyy my brotha.
Me: Hey hey.
Man (nudging woman): Say hi to the man.
Woman: grhergahsh (That is what it sounded like)
Me: Hell-o
Man: How you doing today my brotha?
Me: Cold but good.
Man: I KNOW you doing good. You looking good.
(I look down at myself)
Man: (To woman) Don’t he? (Doesn’t let her answer) Yeah he does. My brotha can I ask ya for a favor.
Me: Fire at will.
Man: Well okay, can you spare some change or anything so my lady and I can get some food?
Me: Dude if I had…
Man: Now I know a lot of drug bums ask for money, but we are not. I work two jobs….
Me: Dude if I could I would.
Man: I know you would! Again I have two jobs I just need some more help.
Me: Oh man you have two jobs! Can I have one of them because I don’t have a job?
Man (Pulling woman as she wanders off): Serious? Are you kidding? Man these times really is tough. When did you lose—

(He sees someone who’d be better to ask and leaves mid sentence.)


5 Responses to The one where I ask for a job

  1. Miss Mix a Lot says:

    Oh gosh. I never know what to do in these situations. Honestly…what is the right answer? So many times it’s a scam. Or, dangerous. I gave food to a guy one time and then he yelled at me because it wasn’t enough food and followed me to my door. My current reaction is to shake my head as they start to open their mouth but I feel like a jerk. Any thoughts?

  2. Alee says:

    Oh hey, that up there was me. 🙂

  3. drunkdude69 says:

    Reminds me of many experiences in Baltimore. Once a guy asked me for money, and when I said I didn’t have any he told me there was an ATM nearby. I eventually started preemptively asking those kinds of dudes ( that you could spot a mile away ) for some change or a cigarette. That really seemed to throw them.

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