The one with the Overheard top ten

The job search thickens (That’s what she said!) so today will be a shorty.

(Hey shawty!)


So you can head over and check out the latest stuff at B movie brigade. We be on twitter too! This post will be something I’d been meaning to do more of. There (as some may know) is a little thing called Overheard Ohio. It has some real funny stuff. Even if you don’t live in Ohio it’s still pretty funny. Check it out (and submit if you can!)! Anyplug here is (my) top ten submissions for the month of December:

10. “Santa has a sleigh but I’ll let u know what the truth is. MFer is jolly cus he get 2 creep up on some fine ass bitches.”-Guy rapping outside.

9. “I should be home having sex with my girl. Fucking snow and fucking bus.” -Young dude at the bus stop.

8. “Let’s not forget the time you stuck your junk in their pitcher of beer.”–Guy jogging to his friend.

7. “it’s like my stepmom has Christmas cheer coming out of her vagina” –young lady @Phoenixcoffeeco

6. “Sometimes not being able to control your bowels can be a good thing.” —woman walking on @Coventryvillage

5. “Damn ‘Papa was a rolling stone.’ that is some deep ish…just like it’s talking to me man.”–Young guy outside Wendy’s.

4. “Shit if I have to spend Christmas at her parents she better pretend I’ve got a blow pop in my pants.”-guy waiting for the rapid.

3. “I hope your grandad still gives it to your grandma because she’s pretty doable for her age.”-Guy in Walmart to his friend.

2. “We broke up because he got drunk and kept telling my mom ‘your daughter likes to get her fried rice porked’ at her party”-girl eating sushi.

1. “I broke up with a girl once so I wouldn’t have to figure out what to get her for X-Mas.”-Guy discussing x-mas presents.

One Response to The one with the Overheard top ten

  1. hahaha I love those tweets. They always make my day when they pop up in my Twitter feed.

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