A gem in the hand

So quite a few have asked that I post my writing here. I’ve sort of been a little iffy on posting stuff such as poetry here, because I don’t want you to get your grubby hands on it.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

I am just kidding. “When the hell aren’t you?” you may be asking and to that I say: I don’t know.


Anywriting the request for it have been nice and makes me feel good. I was unsure as to put it on here because I didn’t want to force feed poetry (or other writing) down readers throats. I mean some peeps just don’t dig on the poetry and that’s not okay you jerk faces okay. If you don’t I’m sorry. If you do well gold stars to you (I love all of you anyway.) Sometimes I will provide notes to the poetry on when and where (perhaps shading why) it was written and etc…

All that being said any and all feed back is appreciated. Really it is.With that said jump on board and let us take a ride down poetry lane!

A gem in the hand

He shook awake. / His dream fresh / sweat on his brow. / The cave empty / stomach tight. / He stepped out of his cave. / Relieved his bladder in the bush / and choked / there was no moon / plucked from the sky in his dream / that felt like a nightmare. / He could see the hand / still and strong / a face on its thumb. / it flicked / opened and swallowed it whole / moments went by before he closed his robe / but did not move. / blinked. / once. / twice. / but the dark purple remained / moonless / he cried / “was it me father?” / he called out. / Only an owl answered from a distance.


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