Post it note Tuesday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Post it Note Tuesday. This one will just be a small foray back into it—nothing fancy shmancy. Make your own here and click down there to see others.

That One Mom

Everybody ready lets a go!


I love 3D. I do. I mean really. Friday the 13th Part III 3D is amazing. We don’t need every single movie to try it now though. It’s getting really old already.


There is something awesome about being in Key West walking around with all the chickens wandering around. I’m not sure it works anywhere else though. Maybe Cuba but they’d be eaten pretty quickly.


Oh how I MISS you with your chickens and your sunsets.




Yeah this guy. He was on the sidewalk playing. Needless to say I gave him like 4 bucks. He is also why I miss Key West.


Yeah his new pastime is hanging upside down on my hands and computer.


The lovely wifey and I have been looking up places in the Poconos Mountains. More than one place have 7 foot champagne glass whirlpool. We want. Yeah.


4 Responses to Post it note Tuesday

  1. i would like to have sex in a 7 foot champagne flute whirlpool while drinking champagne – fact.

  2. That One Mom says:

    Spiderman plays the guitar? Say wha?

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