The one with the ear junk

What a nice chilly Cleveland morning we have today. The gray skies and gloom is back and I won’t lie I always miss them. They comfort me. The clouds and grayness are old friends who treat me so much better than the sun. Don’t believe me?

Well non believer see exhibit a:


Somehow I got sunburned in the oddest of ways. On each leg there was a long boomerang shaped burn and then two little clam shaped burn marks on my chest. Yeah I have no clue how it happened that way. I do blame the wifey though. That is neither here nor there though.

Speaking of the wife (I love you honey—she doesn’t actually read this) she insisted I write up this story. When I told her about it she laughed (rather loudly—like she was watching True Blood) for about a minute and a half.

A few days before we went on our Hunt for the key master tour I went for a walk as per my usual. Every day I try to go for at least an hour walk. This time was no different. The only problem was I couldn’t find my headphones. I scrounged around and finally found a new pair. I stuffed em in and went for my walk.
It was a longer than normal walk but still rather uneventful. Except that I heard this:

“As a drug addict you saying you’re “jonesing” for a turkey sandwich really offends me” — 1 worker to another as they worked on a lawn.

That was awesome and of course posted to @overheardohio. I hope you follow it!

Shamelessssssssssssss plug FTW!

Anywalk I returned home and sat down to a huge glass of water and some writing. I dropped the headphones off on the table and got down to business.

Writing you perverts! Yeah writing.

Anymasturbationjoke I got some good work in and the walk and headphones faded from my mind. My ear was very itchy. I scratched at it and something was in my ear. I gave it an itch and something plopped out. It landed on my notebook. It was a weird discolored white chunk of something.

I stared at it.
Stared some more.
And some more. I had no clue just what it was. I mean at all. It looked odd and resembled nothing.
I started to freak out just a bit. I pushed at it with my pen.
What the fuck is wrong with my ear?

Then I realized it was a piece of the headphones that came off in my ear. Enjoy your weekend bishes!

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