The one with the kung fu punch

Hey kiddies I’m back. Miss me?

First off run over to the @bmoviebrigade blog and check out the what a way to die wednesday. It involves a lawn mower.

What’s that I shouldn’t shill my other stuff on you after being gone for over a week?

Moving on then. As most of you know I was on vacay with the wifey and Lindsay. You know the Three Shillelaghs Hunt for the Key Master tour. We were living it up in Key West. I intended on doing short little updates while away but clearly that didn’t happen. I also intended on eating (somewhat) decently despite being on vacation. That ended after being called “a girl” a few times by the two mean chicks I was with. Yoga and weights also went by the wayside after day 2.

Hooray jimi is a slacker.

Oh you already knew that? Fine.

We had a great time. There are many a stories that can (and will) be told. Not quite yet but trust me you will get them. There will be stories about (but not limited to) coochie eating thermometers, shell themed serial killers, pink pee pees, cigars, my friend Bert and more.

The first post since returning will be kept simple. It won’t even have to do with the trip. It is the beginning of a new segment (what is this Hard Copy?) called: Sleeping with my wife.

Get your minds out of the gutter people!

Some of you may remember from my postings (probably not you bastards!) that my wife is quite the odd sleeper. She talks a lot in her sleep and well that’s not all. This series (oh now it’s a series is it?) will deal with the hilarity that ensues.

Onward! This took place the night before we began our roadie. She went to bed later than she had planned hoped. Later that night (read 4 am) I woke up to her sitting up in bed. She was looking around and then said something. Now usually I can get 2 or so sentences out of her before she wakes up.

This time I didn’t understand anything she said. After a few seconds of silence she kung fu punched me right in the face. I mean biff bam pow type stuff. It was an open hand punch and didn’t really hurt. She then said something else I didn’t understand and proceeded to go back to sleep. In the morning though she usually remembers some of what occurred (or thinks she dreamt it) she didn’t remember this at all.

Yep I have domestic violence to look forward to in my sleep now.

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2 Responses to The one with the kung fu punch

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