the one where we go boom

Or maybe just drink and eat hotdogs. All three sound good. All of them are American things to do. Possible ways to celebrate:

Watch the Greatest American Hero marathon on Syfy channel.
Paint your face red white and blue.
Tell a girl “your a real firecracker”
Try not to get your hand blown off by fireworks.
Watch some guys making hits with a baseball bat
and watch some baseball too.
Hide in the bushes and jump a British fellow when they aren’t ready. (Guerrilla warfare bitches!)

Way not to celebrate Independence Day:
Stealing my Sunday paper like a total douche nozzle!

Enjoy the day. Have fun and be safe. If you don’t celebrate The Fourth of July I’m pretty sure Hulk Hogan will kick your ass!


Take your vitamins and say your prayers bitches!

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