Post it note Tuesday

So yeah now that the World Cup is winding down and my sister’s visit is over (love ya sis!) I can get back to regular posting.


That’s right as most of you lovelies know our 3 year wedding anniversary just passed. You can read her wedding recap here. It wasn’t the traditional celebration but it was rather fitting for us. We woke up really early and went to breakfast and then headed over to Parnell’s Pub to watch the USA vs. Algeria match. The wife was happy with doing this—though I recognize her absolute awesomeness for it. Best wife ever.


It was a lot of fun sitting in a packed pub watching the world cup. There was singing, screaming clapping and stomping. It was a wonderful atmosphere. We lived and died together. When we scored and when we won we hugged and high-fived and celebrated with one another. Even the misses got into it. She cried when we won!


There was a real douche bag who when Asamoah Gyan scored for Ghana in the 103rd minute he basically wished his (Gyan’s) family would fall victim to genocide. Thank you sir for being a complete and utter moron. I was bummed he scored too but come on! The worst part was he was clearly just some sort of bandwagon jumper because listening to him discuss footy was painful.


See what I did there with the red font? Clever boy. Yes finally as my last pair of converse were barely held together. If the sky even looked dark my feet would get wet there were so many holes.


Oh yeah back to my green chuck roots! Oh how I missed green ones. Can’t find em anywhere but fate was on my side. We tried Foot Locker on the off chance. When I asked the guy he said no we had to order them and then he said wait what size do you wear. I told him and he went to the back. They had 1 pair my size because some other guy had them ordered but he ordered the wrong shoe size. Big thanks to my sister Lisa for my chucks!


Got vote for Lilu because she is awesome. She is seriously top 5 funny people I read! Why vote for her? Well I do believe she harnesses the awesome power that is unicorn farts. Imagine the good that can be done with that? So click here and do what ya gotta do!


3 Responses to Post it note Tuesday

  1. LiLu says:

    Hahahaha! You are the BEST! And it totally is unicorn farts 😉

  2. Dani says:

    Red Chucks are where it is at, man. I’ve been happily rocking them for a decade. (But I’m glad you could find your green ones too.)

  3. cfoxes33 says:

    My daughter loves all things Converse!

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