The one where I blame others & Pimp friends out

First off head on over to the b movie brigade and see this week’s Monday’s Maniac and the new reviews.
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So I didn’t die.
And no I wasn’t in jail.

I’ve been distracted. You may have heard of a little thing called The World Cup?

Side note: Right after Hurricane Katrina a customer was discussing pictures she’d seen on the good ole interwebz. She was telling the cashier and I (me being the lowly bagger at the time) that they were the most horrifying pics she’d ever seen. The cashier (one weird dude) busts out with:

“Oh I’ve seen worse.” And then caps it with this: “a little thing called the holocaust. You may have heard of it?”

What the hell?

Anytragedy I’ve been watching every single second of the world cup and searching (read stressing about) for a job. Trying to write and taking naps have happened too. The nights have been filled lately too. The point is I didn’t exactly plan a successful time management strategy when it comes to the beautiful game. So this wonderful patch of space has suffered as have all of you my loyal readers (read my wife).

Another side note I blame Carrissa because well she entertains me and well she’s been gone more often than around. I like to blame others for my faults. Sue me.

Please don’t sue me.

I’m going to stop here and ask for a favor:

There are so many great things I could say about this awesome chick (see that’s 1 right there) but I’m going to go with she gets my Hook references. The lovely LiLu has been asked by MTV to compete to become the next twitter jockey – “The Search for the First MTV TJ”, its really the only smart thing they’ve done in a long while. So the thing is if I can’t be it well clearly I want to live vicariously through her. In other words we want to help her out. Go vote for her and tweet her out… she’s funny. She would be awesome epicly awesome. Just click below and follow her and you know vote and junk!

LiLu for MTV TJ

Find her there and all the places below. Then pimp her sexy ass out!

I promise more fun and fake conversations with cops and what not.


3 Responses to The one where I blame others & Pimp friends out

  1. LiLu says:

    You are seriously the best of the best, Jimi.

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  2. Tabea… Nice blog. Salam kenal n thanks,-

  3. lilu deserves all the pimpage in the world!

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