Post it note Tuesday: the titleless one

Just a short list of post it notes because I forgot to do them last night.


That’s right its World Cup 2010 time! It starts exactly 2 days 21 hours and 18 minutes from when I’m typing this. I cannot wait. Can you tell? This is the only perk of being laid off and still having no job. I will be able to watch every single match.


The above countdown being right means there is only 3 days till the USA vs. ENGLAND match. That match I am really looking forward to. This week has been hate England week or at least don’t like England for this week week. I will be at Parnell’s Pub for the match and I’ll probably be there from 7am on!


Seriously someone pay me. I’m good at making out you know working and stuff.


I get a bunch of emails from people instead of them leaving actual comments on here. Yesterdays post prompted and email from someone who was apparently pissed at me. Said emailer had a problem with the post and let it be known to me. They also said they hoped my wife divorced me. I found both the post and the email funny. Look for the email to be posted sometime soon.


This one really speaks for itself.


2 Responses to Post it note Tuesday: the titleless one

  1. Shell says:

    My husband cannot wait for the World Cup. I’ve been hearing about it…oh, since the last one.

  2. kryptonitekatt says:

    No, you cannot watch EVERY match unless you’re recording them. We have stuff to do, good food to eat.

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