To the grownup goes the elephant ear

This weekend we did a bunch of things. We continued the inauguration in to summer with the second faire of the season. This time it was the Chagrin Falls Blossom Time Festival.

Blossom time welcomes the arrival of warmer weather to Chagrin Falls. With flowers and trees in full bloom, the Chagrin Falls area is transformed from a winter wonderland into a warm, peaceful, enchanting place to spend your warm summer evenings. Presented annually every Memorial Day weekend by the Chagrin Valley Jaycees, Blossom Time has carnival rides on the midway, the 21st annual hot air balloon race all weekend, free entertainment

What am I Wikipedia?

Anyinternetencyclopedia we made our way out to Chagrin Falls for this annual event. It was nice and packed. We weaved our way through running children, shirtless dudes with scary blob tats and a Paris Hilton wannabes with visors for her doggy. There were games to play (we did not) and prizes to win. You know prizes like a Chagrin High school football tee for the test of strength. Then there was the scary “Green Goblin” doll that looked more like a Swamp Thing. The one that almost had me clamoring to play was the nifty Gwen Stefani poster circa 1996.

It was awesome. Not really.

The wife and Pelvic Joann went on the daunting Scrambler. I ate some delicious Meatball w/ cavatelli from the Corbo’s booth. I watched them twirl and spin and hurl. No not really but I wish one of them had. The meatball and the cavatelli were very tasty. I also decided (for some really unknown reason) to stand there and be all:

“Yes CAV-AH-TELLI indeed.”

I did this about two times before I realized of course neither of them was there to hear or appreciate it. I’m pretty sure the twiggy little teeny bopper heard me and was completely weirded out. Oh well. A good time was had by all and of course there was this:


If you gave her a dollar she’d do a little dance. We did not give her a dollar. It was awesome as she walked off she wailed: “I lost a contact. Oh no. Oh no!”

Anyblindelephant it was a fun time but not the point of the post. I know you’re sitting there (let’s be honest you stopped reading already didn’t you?) asking well what the hell is the point then? Saturday is the point. The wifey and I had some lunch at the pond in front of the Art Museum. It was a beautiful day and very fun. Afterwards we headed over to the Museum. There we finished our 1st official grown up purchase.

I mean sure we’ve purchased insurance, planned a wedding and signed a lease for an apartment but those don’t feel as official as this. We got our membership to the Art Museum. Yep. This is what growing up looks like:


One Response to To the grownup goes the elephant ear

  1. carissa says:

    Yay for growing up and making purchases and such. Love it. Yall are adorable btw!

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