The one about the interview and maybe poop

Ah the weekend. What a wildly and wooly event it can be. What was up with that sentence? 2 to 1 odds it doesn’t make the final cut. Who am I kidding like I read these posts before serving em up to ya? Yeah right. Who would want to read this stuff anyway? Weirdos only I’m sure.

Friday I challenged myself once again. No, not a go somewhere all by yourself type challenges. This one was either far more important or far less important (Depending on your views on collecting unemployment). I had an interview. An interview as many of you who follow me on the twizzitsphere (What??) know—it was at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. How sweet would that have been? Very is the correct answer by the way. We would have also accepted crack-a-lacking too, but you didn’t use crack-a-lacking did you? No because nobody does. Where was I?

Get off my lawn!

No “get off my lawn” wasn’t what I was saying at all. It was just practice for the time when the wifey and I are old people sitting on our porch drinking whiskey lemonade. This appears to be a common vision people have of us. The idea has something to do with us being an awesome couple who will still be together when really old or something.

No seriously what the hell was I talking about? Oh the interview. Right or maybe it was gambling? I’ll go with the interview. So it was the first place to call and well want to see me. Let me tell you it was a nice change of pace. I set it up and you know proceeded to freak out. Why? Well gentle readers (cheap seaters?—I’ll work on that!) that is what I do. I freak out. I worry about it and swear up and down that I will not go through with it. Of course I always do and things usually go smoothly. This isn’t just for jobs I mean things in general that I have a while to think about. It just happens there is really no need to fight it. It seems more of a preparation for said even than anything else.

That said (proof maybe?) I happened to head over to a sort of cattle call interview the other day. It was something I heard about like an hour before I went to it. You know no real time to freak out about it. I went and the interview was well hell. It was like slowly being digested by The Sarlacc.

Yeah I went there and I added Sarlacc to Microsoft words dictionary. Jedis are pimps too go on brush your shoulders off.

Anylucasfilms the point was the interview yeah I blew it. I spazzed or subconsciously didn’t want the job but either way I bombed. I mean hardcore. Pearl Harbor ain’t got nothing on me! So it was probably a good thing that I had a day and a half to freak out about this last interview. It would be an awesome place to work. I mean it’s the freaking Natural History Museum for Frick sake! I got all shaved and put myself in a dress shirt n tie and went on my merry way. I got there early and read a bit of The Lost Blogs: From Jesus to Jim Morrison–The Historically Inaccurate and Totally Fictitious Cyber Diaries of Everyone Worth Knowing It is a good read so far so thanks Rizza. Then I went over and nailed the interview. I did a good job. I was clear and she seemed genuinely impressed with me. We’ll see. Now if I am offered or take it (there are complications those in the know will know about) is a different matter.

I’m proud that I showed up and was able to keep composed. Hey at this point we take any victory bitches! The wife unit (haha I said unit!) being so supportive in all of this is probably the main reason I passed the do a good interview test. That and spending the evening before hanging with the rizza her man and the wifey eating and talking probably helped me be so relaxed.

Anyunitjoke I felt that it was going to be an important moment for me. Either it was going to be big because I got a job or big because I helped my confidence and momentum with a good interview. The day before the interview I started a blog post about it. It was 4 paragraphs in and dealing with the issues of freaking out, challenging myself etc. I stopped because I was tired and went to bed. I planned to finish it the next morning. I did not. As I opened it to see what I would use from it for today’s post I noticed where I stopped. The authors note was added today:

It strikes me as a very important moment (or soon to be moment) for me.

Author note: After that initial last sentence there was about 3 spaces and then this list:

The Hunt for Brown October
It’s always brown in bowldelphia

Yes I went from a very serious post to an apparent list of ways I describe going to the bathroom. Clearly two separate posts but really in the middle of a serious one I decide to write notes about pooping titles?

That is all.

I know someone will ask so yes I still plan on doing the poop post.

Now get off my lawn!!!!


4 Responses to The one about the interview and maybe poop

  1. Dani says:

    But your lawn has all the best shade trees, and I’ll go refill both of your whiskey-nade glasses if you let me stay.

    Congrats on doing well on the interview, though.

  2. carissa says:

    Get on with the poop post~! and just so you know I’ve already used Brownaconda once, and it’s pretty much my new favorite!

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