I come out swinging.

A while back I posted a status on Facebook that went something like this: “I like that when I skip a day of writing I feel the deep and slick sickness of remorse. I didn’t have that for a while.” Okay actually I got all neurotic and trudged through like 2 weeks of updates to find that. It was a moment of truth (not that I lie often in my status updates…yeah that’s the ticket) but it really showed in the clearest way how I felt about my writing. There was a point when I was working were if I didn’t write I’d sort of shrug it off. Sure maybe after a week of not working on anything I’d have a little twinge of regret but nothing too serious. These days the pit of my stomach really sinks at night if I didn’t do any writing.

In the beginning god said let there be light and there was light.

When I originally wrote that I thought there’d be something funny to stick in there (that’s what she said!) but could not come up with anything.


Oh this isn’t actually twitter? Anyhashtag I decided to leave it in anyway (that decision was made before the lame attempt at humor with the hash tag) Why do any of you read this again? I think you have some serious problems if you are, but hey I still love you. I’m the only one who loves you. You think anyone else is going to love you? They wouldn’t. I’m all you got baby.

So back to the point (as much as I ever can get back to point) when I first lost my job the writing flowed. A lot! I was working on The Devil Comes to Dinner (I still am shut up!) and several ideas for my next scripts. I finished the script for The Inmates and was updating this place frequently. That roll kept up and it was awesome. I was skiing along nicely…then I hit a wall.

Full disclosure: I was actually setting up a Sonny Bono joke there but aborted it. Yeah that’s how I roll.

Anypoorjoke the writing slowed down. The whole time I had been working on shells of poetry not worrying that full poems weren’t coming. Then the lines slowed and basically stopped. The play was in a place where it needed to be typed up and edited and etc. That is the tedious portion of writing and so hard to get myself to do it. Instead of fighting through this I sort of let it defeat me. I still jotted the notes and ideas for the other plays but no real writing came of it. Instead I turned to old school wrestling videos on the internet. Yeah those are my go to.

This week I’ve instituted some rules. I write anytime I’m drinking coffee. I read at least an hour a day from random books on my bookshelf. This is separate from reading I will do when I’m reading say a new book. I just pick a new book a day and read. This has helped in keeping up the inspiration to create. I actually created the playlist for Dinner and that too helps. What else has helped is trying to let the stress of needing to find a new job slide down and away from my mind. I’m working on it. I’m searching everyday (after I’ve done an hour or two of writing) and really that’s all I can do.

Now here is where you all come in. If you’d like to read and provide feedback for any of my plays let me know. If not that is fine. You can help by doing what you are doing now. You can also if you chat me up elsewhere yell at me to write. Get on my case and I will love you for it.

Gchat: clevelandpoet@gmail.om or aim: lazyboyhundred or find me on facebook: James evans Remick II

I leave you with two quotes that I’ve used to feed my inspiration and writing lately:

“Try. Fail. Try again. Fail better”—Samuel Beckett
“If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.”–Isaac Asimov


One Response to I come out swinging.

  1. kryptonitekatt says:

    You know I’m always up for reading your work. Send ’em my way.

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