Hot Dogs can make you a better person too

Last week the misses and I went out. I know this isn’t exactly the biggest of news. I mean it happens now and then, but this was also a part of the betterment of jimi experiment. In fact the night’s festivities sort of included a 2 for 1 in that department.

Experiment: Putting myself out there when it comes to playwrighting/trying new things.
Event: Cleveland Public Theatre’s Dark Room

I’ve semi talked about this before. The Dark Room is an open mic of sorts for Playwrights. [From CPT’s website] It is put together by CPT and The Cleveland Theatre Collective and affords emerging and veteran playwrights the space and resources to develop new works. It offers a venue to workshop plays, novels, poems, or any other written work in a supportive, yet critical environment.[End]

This is a nice way to get to know fellow writers and actors. The readings are a good networking event and an easy way to get to hear your work. Ideas and suggestions can be batted around but hearing actors read the words you write is invaluable.

There is an opening period for the open mic and then there is a featured reading. You can submit a longer piece to them to be the featured reading.

There is free Magic Hat beer too!

Drinking, talking writing, workshopping and networking all rolled into one. So last Tuesday we hit this up for the first time. Now for this one it wasn’t held in the place it usually is. This time it was held in a smaller space and ironically it had a very large crowd. There were some new (to us) people there and some very familiar faces. The wife got to see Actors she’s worked with before and of course people she knew from interning there. There were a few writers I knew and that is always cool. A sort of comforting knowledge, ya know?

There was a long list of readings for the open mic portion. I did not bring anything this first time. I know I know. Shut up. The wife was okay with me not bringing anything which means you can be too. Next time will be fine. This was a feeling out visit really. Kat read for someone’s piece and it was an interesting one.
I got to see her do an impression of a frog person. I’m going to try and get her to let me video her doing it. Hit her up on twitter and tell her to do it (@kittenkaboom)! The other highlight was when the reading called for her to be pulled offstage screaming and she did scream. Now she is the scream queen (yeah she won that contest) and can uncork some good ones. This one I’m sure she did at much less than full volume but it still stunned the dude dragging her froggy butt off. It was priceless.

Result: A success. There were people there eager to have me bring stuff and I enjoyed the process. It really seems like a great thing to be a part of. Next month I will be bringing some work along.

Experiment # 2 of the night: Trying different foods.

So from the dark room we walked over to meet the awesome @sweetsweetjulie at the Happy Dog. The Happy Dog is a pretty sweet bar where you can enjoy a brew or a band or both! Now you can enjoy some good grub there too. We headed over there for some of the grub, and I decided I would get something decidedly different than I normally would.

The fair: A hot dog. Settle down. I said settle down! I know what you are thinking “A hot dog that doesn’t sound unjimi at all!” and you’d be right. I love me some wieners!

That’s what she said!

Anyhotdog this is different. At the Happy Dog you start with a quarter pound all beef hotdog and then have an assortment of things to top it with. Like what you ask?

• house made ketchup
• chipotle ketchup
• traditional yellow mustard
• dijon mustard
• whole grain mustard
• black truffle honey mustard
• momocho’s habanero hot sauce
• kansas city style bbq sauce
• saffron aioli
• creole remoulade
• sriracha hot chile sauce
• killer steak sauce
• garlic & tomato jam
• hot pepper relish
• brazilian chimichurri
• thai chile & garlic sauce
• marcella’s grape jelly and chile sauce
• chipotle hollandaise
• oaxacan red chile & chocolate mole
• chunky peanut butter
• fruit loops
• warm pineapple-ginger-currant chutney
• sliced tomatoes
• spanish onions
• caramelized onions
• dill pickle spear
• cucumbers
• vodka sauerkraut
• “alien” pickle relish
• bourbon baked beans*
• tomatillo salsa verde
• hot bananna pepper rings
• habanero pickled red onions
• marinated portobello mushroom
• korean kim chee
• potato chips
• bacon spiked southern greens*
• baby bok choy coca cola stir fry
• garlicky escarole
• french brie cheese
• nacho cheese
• smoked gouda cheese
• cheddar cheese
• american cheese whiz
• caribbean coleslaw (spicy)
• bleu cheese coleslaw
• chorizo chili*
• garbanzo bean chili
• fried egg
• applewood smoked bacon*
• * contain pork

So take that! Now I looked at this list and tried to come up with something I normally wouldn’t have. My first dog (and after it and all the tater tots my only one): vodka sauerkraut, killer steak sauce and garlic & tomato jam.

Results: Found a new place to grub. It was delicious. Very delicious!

If you be in the Lakewood area hit this joint up. Cheap and tasty bitches! Next time I go I will try even more but the first one I get will be what I’m dubbing the Ninja Turtle Dog: That’s right despite Kat’s telling me I cannot I will be getting my dog with fruit loops.

Cowabunga dudes!


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