I almost took a picture of my poop because I love you.

A week ago Lilu brutally ripped from us decided TMI Thursday should officially close. It’s only been a week but don’t lie were all jonesing for it. As I stated before several people have insisted I keep up some sort of tmi Thursday posting and I will. This is a bit of TMI Thursday and a bit of a telling tale (what?) of what it had become for me.

It was a fun time each week trying to gross everyone out—all the while trying to get the most laughs for us all. I planned ahead (unless a better one occurred) and thought about each one for long periods of time. I treated them like they were a play I was writing. Soon I became the tmi guy or the bj story guy to people I met online.

They got funnier. They got sexier (not really) and they got grossier. I needed to top whichever one was the grossiest. I searched my brain. I wracked it for the gross and the unnecessary to share.
I found them more often than not. It almost became an obsession (fueled by egging on of Carissa and Marcia) to find the story. This is an example:

About a month ago the wifey made some delicious muffins. I think they were apple cranberry or some such thing. They were tasty. Anymuffin one night as we sat around in the apartment I felt the rumblings we’ve all felt. Not emergency ones just the little reminder that the kids would like to go to the pool. So I went to take care of business and what not. After I finished I took a peek into the toilet.

Now this is an action that started with the need to have the perfect tmi post. I was never really all that interested in looking at my poo, but it seemed like fertile ground for stories. A las (probably a good thing) there never was anything of note.

This time though the poop was a little different. Its color was very similar to the muffins themselves—a slight pale tan/brown. The other thing was it looked like a muffin shape wise. It was compact and in a small little circular mound. Though as I believe I noted to the wife as I told her about it-it did curl up at the top like soft serve.

Why are you still reading this?

Here is the key. I immediately thought to myself “I should take a picture of this for a tmi post”


Yeah I actually thought about that. I told kat about it and that I should take a picture of it and she responded with “what the hell is wrong with you?”I don’t know but clearly I never took the picture or posted about it either.

I do know that I sort of regretted not doing it for a bit afterwards.

I still kind of do.


2 Responses to I almost took a picture of my poop because I love you.

  1. jeneypeney says:

    You are not alone… I used to think that all the time.


  2. ladylinzi says:

    In ‘Running with Scissors’ there’s this sequence where the father/psychiatrist dude does through this phase where he is sure his shits are telling him something so he scoops them out and dries them to save. And this is a memoir.

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