I’m a director bishes

As you all know my wife and I are co-directing a play. Well it goes up this weekend! I know right? So please pleas come on out. It should be a good time. It is FREE and I will be giving out hugs and may presents from big fun. You never know. Here is all the deets

Please join me for the performance of Dan Leatherman’s MFA Playwriting Thesis. This solo piece is the product of an investigation into tragicomedy using stories from the playwrights own life as the subject. It should be a fun evening that pushes the boundaries of taste, humor, & the definition of tragedy.

About the show:

The show features upwards of 15 characters (I haven’t actually counted yet) and attempts to explain how being in Hair Bands in my formative years led to who I am now. Granted, these are only the PG-13/R rated stories but entertaining nonetheless.

The show is absolutely FREE but please call 216-687-2109 (follow instructions after listening to the blurb about last theater show that is not mine) to reserve your spot (Highly Recommended).

The Theater is accessed form E. 24th street between Payne and Chester. Pull into the only lot entrance on the west side of the street and turn left. There is a map in the following link:


The Shows run Friday April 9 & Saturday April 10 at 8PM, and Sunday April 11 at 3 PM.

Thanks and have a great time!

Please come out!


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