It’s a prank!

Oh man gotta love being able to turn anything into a Star Wars and Admiral Ackbar reference. I know it truly is a talent. I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself. Please no more applause. I don’t really think I need to do this but hey it’s always fun to watch. So if you don’t get it here you go watch and enjoy:

That really never gets old. It simply does not. Anystarwarsreference the point is (well there was no point just yet) this post is about April fool’s Day. I know it was yesterday but it was Thursday and well I feel a sense of duty in posting TMI Thursday posts.

I love April fool’s day. If ever there was a day made for me it was this one—unless maybe there is a star wars free cupcake and sex for jimi day. Until then I’ll enjoy the first of April. Now some people know me as a bit of a joker. I enjoy being the clown or fool. Hell if not for the fool the great plays of Shakespeare wouldn’t be as good. It sucks that I was unemployed during this prank filled day because I would’ve enjoyed trying to get my coworkers.

My problem is (especially when it comes to the wife) is I tend to make these sorts of jokes on a regular basis. I like to (lovingly) trick my wife. Generally good natured and harmless these tricks are just another way I show my love. Needless to say this keeps her on her dam toes and makes it harder to do on the day you pull out the big tricks. Now a couple of years ago I worked out a plan to do this:

Have someone call the house phone and leave a message as a lawyer implying that I had contacted them about a divorce. Now I sort of worked this out in my head but soon found that nobody would agree to call for me. There was simply no way I’d be able to get away with leaving it. I asked and asked and all I got in return were looks of horror. That day I got many a lecture about how horrible I was and how people felt sorry for my wife. Flash forward to this year and I considered two possible pranks. One I tried the other I didn’t. I’m going to get hate for considering the one I didn’t do. Heck I already have.

The first was near to the time she’d be coming home I’d open the door to our apartment. The second step in the plan was to knock things over throughout the apartment and hide the laptops and etc. Third step would be hiding in the closet in the bedroom when she started to come into the apartment. Now I quickly rejected this choice because it would be pretty mean, plus a lot of messy work to coordinate.
What I went with had two options. A. I could get help from someone or B. Chance it and call myself. I chose B because I felt confident in my talent. As some of you may know the wife and I are directing a play.

It goes up April 9-11th at CSU Factory Theatre! You should come. It’ll get you a big ole hug from me! More deets to come soon.

So with that in mind I called her up at work and channeled my best bummed/mad voice. It went something like this:

Me: So apparently there is some sort of problem with us being directors for his play.
Her: Oh yeah? What?
Me: Well Geither called and told me that the head of the Program said we can’t be the directors.
Her: What?
Me: Yeah I guess since we aren’t going to school there he said we can’t
Her: Are you serious…
Me: Yeah.
Her…..wait a minute it’s April fool’s day.
Me: Damnit! I had you!
Her: You did you almost had me.

What was the A) option? None of your beeswax!
It was actually to have the playwright/actor who we are directing call her cell and leave her a message saying what I told her. That would’ve worked but I had to give it a shot. Later that night she told me what ruined it was the fact that she happened to glance at the calendar. Damn you Calendar!

Oh well.


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