Overheard Ohio!

So not all that recently there was a twitter account started for all the wonderfully crazy and weird things that are heard in Ohio. I’m all about this. I mean sure this came from coming across the overheard in New York site, which is truly funny.

The only thing is New York isn’t the only place people say stupid, crazy, oddball and hilarious shit. So that lead to the creation of @Overheardohio. You don’t need to be from Ohio to enjoy it. So give it a clicky and follow you know you want to.
Anyheard this was going to be a post back in Jan but I sorta forgot. Here are my top 5 from the year 2009.

5. “Sometimes I just sort of puke. You ever?” –Short haired girl sitting @grog_shop bar.
4.”is it gay we walk the dog together” guy1 in flannel to guy2 in flannel
3. “when I woke up there was a band aid in my panties. I’m not sure what that means.” young blonde girl on cell phone
2.”if you were a dinosaur you’d be a bitchosaurus rex” skinny emo kid to chubby emo kid at the bus stop.
1. “That was before. Your weiner made it cost more” cashier to a man on why the price was higher than he had originally said.

There you go the fake top 5 though really there are a ton of great ones. If you’re in Ohio and hear something send it over.



2 Responses to Overheard Ohio!

  1. kryptonitekatt says:

    Ha ha.

  2. carissa says:

    hahahaha awesome. I wanna start one for things over heard in my office bathroom. Or even my office would probably suffice. The bitches be crazy.

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