Conversations with Jimi Volume the 6

Here we have another edition of conversations with Jimi. Today we discuss many a thing or at least some of these are moderately brought up in the bits of convo. Wil Wheaton, facials, hulk hogan point, cat butts and so on. Hell there is even something about a fictional character having sex with a child star if you’re into that kind of thing. Oh man you are aren’t you?

Damn perverts. Happy St. Patrick’s day.

Wifey: one of the things I wanted or my birthday was a facial….
Me: (giggle)
Wifey: and a mani…
Me (still giggle giggle)
Wiey: Pedi….I knew you were going to do that.
Our kitty Rasputin walks over to the wife as she dozes on the couch.
Me: Stick your butt all up in her grill Rasputin.
Commercial with a guy with an accent comes on.
Wifey (with accent): “was that a talking dog?”
Me: RACIST! (Hulk Hogan hand point at her)
Wifey: mmmm hmmm.
Me: Yes!
(First some clarification: I started this to talk about the way he tweets)

Me: Whil Wheaton has a little bit of Data in him.
*We both laugh*
Wifey: That’s wrong he was just a boy!
(The wife sings a song from a musical)
Me: What the hell?
Wife: Do you know where that’s from?
Me: Is it cats?
Wife: No. It’s about show business.
Me: Is it cats?
Wife: No.
Me: it cats.
Wife: That’s not about show business.
Me: Is it cats?
Wife: No. (sings it again) You don’t know it?
Me: Wait is it….was it….uhm…was it…
Wife: If you say cats we’re divorced.
Me: No….that play about aids….
Wife: Rent?
Me: No…well yes but no…they one written by…the one with Angels…written by Tony Chalupa?
Wife: Angels in America by Tony Kushner. No. It’s a chorus line.
Me: What the hell is that? I still think its cats.
(And a short one from work to honor its memory)

Coworker: and I’m usually somebody who follows the rules…all of them….you know?
Me: I’m the same way.
Coworker: Oh yeah?
Me: Yes very.
Coworker: Me too..your pulling my leg.
Me: No. right down the line of the letter of the law. That’s me.
Coworker: Oh okay…
Me: I mean strict rule follower that’s me.
Coworker: You’re yanking my leg.
Me: No. I’m a rule lover.
Coworker: He’s just yanking my leg…


3 Responses to Conversations with Jimi Volume the 6

  1. […] Conversations with Jimi Volume the 6 […]

  2. kryptonitekatt says:

    I love the Wil Wheaton/Data one. That’s so funny.
    Check out Picard seducing Wesley:

  3. Mel says:

    I love Wil Wheaton. That is all.

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