The Duckman cometh

5 more days of employment remain. 5 seven hour shifts at a store that isn’t ordering anything and the product is dwindling. As any of you know who follow me on twitter or are lucky (read strange) enough to be friends with me on Facebook you know it’s been a draining last 2 weeks. There’s been a constant cloud of rumor, fear, anger and that is never fun. As I discussed in an earlier post I’ve handled it about as well as I could. I is the key word there. I’ve done what you gotta do keep on keeping on. I’ve not begrudged anyone lucky enough to be kept on or called by Dave’s. I’m in neither of those categories and I’m okay with that. I understand everyone’s need to talk about it and even stew on it but me I’m more comfortable with the lets just get through this week. Together and enjoying it as much as we can. There is no need to force suffering on us while there, is there? I mean don’t get me wrong I talk about it. I’ve had many talks about it with my lovely and wonderfully supportive wife, and well my bestie the rizza has had her cell blowing up with texts about it from me. Blowing up may be too extreme but the point is I’ve not just ignored the elephant eating my job in the room. I’ve considered, I’ve talked, I’ve applied and now all I can do is wait. I’ve worried and I’ve worried that worrying about it would make me no fun to be and talk with. So I needed to make sure this weekend was good so the crap last week won’t be so bad.

So this weekend’s keys to forgetting the fact that next week I won’t have a job and that this last week is going to royally blow?

Was it slamming pallet jacks into the wall?

Nope violence is really not my style. Plus I don’t need anger management classes. Some people really do though.

Was it writing poetry?

Yeah right I wish. I started several poems but haven’t managed to trudge further than 4 lines.

My keys were:

The first thing I did was take a 2 day break from scouring/applying job applications. It was much needed. I just decided my mind needed a reprieve. Don’t worry I’m back at it today (as soon as I finish this post and do an hour of writing.)

Watching Pretty in Pink at the @Cedar Lee Theatre was the good time I needed. Is it John Hughes’ best? Nope. It’s a fun little flick though. The Late Shift (I still don’t like the new name) is a lot of fun and if you’re in the Cleve you need to check it out. Next up The Princess Bride!

Another key was hanging and chatting with cool peoples. So a big thank you to the wifey, Lindsay, @sweetsweetjulie and @lilskul. Talking inside the Cedar Lee Theatre until they tell us to get to stepping and then talking in the chilly Cleveland night was good times.

The Simon Says Burger from B Spot. It is a burger with bologna, coleslaw, whip sauce, and American cheese. Now I have no idea what whip sauce is but as a whole this thing was damn tasty. I can’t even complain that the Judases lovely ladies went there for the first time without me because they brought me this delightful dish home. I scarfed it down and then moved onto one of the last Red Velvet cupcakes from LaBella Cupcakes. That really helped.

As did the shot of whiskey.

And of course what always always helps? Dress up! As noted earlier we went to see Pretty in Pink but what I didn’t say was it was 80’s prom themed. Yeah that’s right and this ensued:

And then there was me your Prom King Bitches!*

*I owe it mostly to the fact that when I was up there I had 4 people in my cheering section and one of those was the scream queen. I mean her decibel levels alone could’ve sealed it for me.


One Response to The Duckman cometh

  1. carissajade says:

    How. Freaking. Fun. What I would give to get to go to an 80’s prom theme screening of Pretty in Pink! Awesomeness. And yall look amazing. I’m sorry about the job situation, but i think you’re handling in the best way possible. No use in stressing about what you can’t control!

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