AMP 150 amps up the taste

A wise man once said “It’s all in the reflexes.” If good ole Jack Burton was right well then the wife and I may be in trouble, depending on what you choose to call reflexes. Does it come to seeing movies in a timely matter? We’ve been known to let things get in the way of watching a netflixed (did I make that word up?) movie. Or then there is this: Big Trouble in Little China. It’s a wonderful flick (from which I lifted the above quote) starring Kurt Russell. The wifey and friendy had never seen it and I insisted they must. I purchased the movie like 2 years ago, but did we ever get around to seeing it? Nope. Then the Cedar Lee announced it was showing it on the big screen as part of its cult movie series. See it took us two years to get around to seeing a movie we owned.

What does this have to do with a review of Amp 150? It was a long time coming. Why? Well we like many a humanoid let living life get in the way of well living it. So it took a whole lot of planning and mishaps before we actually made it over to the restaurant. Well that and I like to quote and reference movies in vague ways…you’ll see….

The first obstacle was what I like to call A Cool Hand Luke. And if I’m honest is my fault. I should probably start with what the hell I meant by a Cool Hand Luke. I really hope someone out there gets it. I know my wife won’t because well she’s never seen Cool Hand Luke.

“What we’ve got here is…failure to communicate” is a classic line from a classic movie. Watch now: I’ll wait.

Back? Okay besides being a classic moment it is always what occurred. Someone who I went to school with told me they went to AMP 150 and that it made them think of me. I don’t really remember what it was that made them think about me, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Anyfoodie I looked it up and of course instantly decided to go there. The food sounded delicious as did the drinks. I filed it away as a must go and then promptly never really mentioned it to my wife at all.

See? A failure to communicate? And you thought I was just random and wouldn’t tie it in some vague, recklessly unnecessary way. What was I doing here again? Oh yeah a review (I promise!) So it slipped my mind until divine twittervention occurred. Twittervention it’s a word look it up. Okay I sorta made it up but still. One day as I was aimlessly checking twitter doing research I saw someone retweet something from @amp150cleveland. The deal was one person would get a free entrée for retweeting it. I of course jump right on that. The only thing I like more than free are vague jokes and movie references. I’ll jump ahead and tell you the obvious I won one of the free entrees. Now with us nothing is ever easy, especially when my work likes to interfere. Setting up a time was difficult because of her classes, my work and other things already planned. After several attempts we got something planned for a nice Sunday night dinner. Only problem was a meeting (for work) was called to inform us that we would in fact be losing our jobs for that night. I did the natural thing: Dinner with my wife. Easy breezy from there right?

Yeah except yahoo maps sucks and had us all backwards, but we eventually found it and 2 separate food comas ensued. We were greeted very nicely and seated before we could even get out the name of the reservation. There were about 3 other parties when we arrived and we were given a nice comfy table to ourselves near the back.

First up the drinks! My wife had the Caipirinha:


It looked as delicious (though the picture does not do it justice) as it tasted. It’s a Brazilian drink blood orange puree, Bacardi rum, simple syrup. It was very simple and tasty. The wife barely let me have a sip. It had a nice simple sweetness to it. I asked my wife for a description of the taste and this was her response: Heaven. So in case you were wondering heaven is a Brazilian style drink with blood orange puree, Bacardi rum, and simple syrup.

Now my first choice was the Blackberry mojito but unfortunately they were out of blackberries. I quickly went for the Warm House Made Gleuwine. It really hit the spot on a chilly evening. It consisted of Winter Oranges, Cloves, Cinnamon, Red Wine, Brandy. It was delicious and warming. It did have a bit of a heavy taste of red wine (not to me but to my wife) so if you hate red wine this may not before you.


I had worked all day and hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I wanted to order just about everything on the menu. The wife was just as hungry as me and it was hard to pick what to get. To start off we ordered some fries and bread to share.

The Fries:


The bread: Well actually we devoured the bread before even thinking of taking a picture of it. It was delicious. There were several slices of warm soft (yet crispy) Artisan bread. The butter was a delightful maple butter that melted in your mouth. I’d be lying if once the bread was done we didn’t each take our fingers and take a dab of the maple butter and eat it by itself. She did it more!

Yes! Throwing the wife under the bus five! No? Okay. Next up were the meals (which we’ve already picked what we would be trying next time) and they were just as good. The waitress was very helpful and knowledgeable. First up is me with the CHICKEN PAILLARD SANDWICH:
Mixed Greens, Lemon Herb Vinaigrette, Brie Cheese, White Truffle Aioli.


The chicken was so juicy and the lemon herb vinaigrette was the perfect compliment for it. There were about 5 long slices of slightly melted brie cheese on it. At 8 bucks it was a prefect bit of comfort Sammy I needed that night.

The wife could not help but order the HOUSE MADE CORNED BEEF SANDWICH
It came with a nice Swiss Cheese, and Mustard Aioli. It was served on a tasty onion roll. Tasty is hard for me to say because I’m not a fan of onion rolls generally. Here just look at it:


Both sandwiches were delicious and safe choices for not too bad of a price. We ate until we were stuffed and then the next set of mishaps occurred. None of which was anyone’s fault really just how we roll I guess. We asked to visit with Chef Cooley and unfortunately he wasn’t there because he’s been nothing but great online with us. We wanted to meet and thank him, and then plaster his picture up here. Next up we explained about the free twitter entrée but since our reservation wasn’t checked the note in it was never seen. The waitress (who I repeat was so very nice) checked and came back really apologetically. It wasn’t a bother to us at all but she brought out the Sous Chef Ben. He was very gracious and nice. We talked for a bit and then got him to pose for this:


He then offered us two desserts on the house! Now we were both stuffed and shot each other a look but we couldn’t say no. I mean 1.) it’s free dessert and 2.) When the chef offers you take it. We hadn’t even glanced at the dessert menu but he said he’d bring us two surprises. For me:


It was the Pear and Walnut Cobbler and it was served with Saigon cinnamon ice cream. It was the perfect combo of warm vs. cold. The sweet versus the nutty battle raged on. I give it a two thumbs up. Now the wife almost died when she tasted hers.


Milk Chocolate Pana Cotta. It is a wonderfully layered dish of Salted Caramel, Malted Hazelnut. With each bite you can dip into another layer and be delighted. When asked for words on it she said: “did you say it was a shake made of salted caramel and malted hazelnut? Then there is nothing else needed to say, but get it.” So there get it!

AMP 150 is in the Airport Marriott but please don’t let that stop you from going. The menu has a nice selection of sandwiches, soups and can fulfill your need for steak too. The highest priced dinner is at 19 bucks with one of their steaks. The staff is friendly and the music is awesome. I mean how happy was I to eat my dinner to David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’?

AMP 150: Cleveland Airport Marriott, 4277 West 150th St. (at the West 150th Street exit from I-71), Cleveland; 216-706-8787,

8 Responses to AMP 150 amps up the taste

  1. kittenkaboom says:

    You totally sold me out… I don’t normally eat butter alone… but it was goooooooooooood.

  2. kryptonitekatt says:

    a) Failure to communicate is our family’s specialty.

    b) Guns n Roses so ripped off Cool Hand Luke (which I’ve never seen). In Civil War, they say almost that whole scene.

    c) That sounds so delish! We have to go there next time I visit.

    d) Jon used to sit on the floor in the kitchen and eat butter when he was a baby.

  3. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here and leave you some blog-love. I’m so glad you enjoyed Amp150 as much as Jason and I did! AND, I’m even more glad that you’re blog totally rocks! 🙂 Seriously, love your writing style. I have to admit, I’m so A.D.D. and have a hard time finishing reading ANYTHING. You definitely kept me interested! I’ll be stopping back frequently…

    OH, and consider yourself added to my blogroll! WOOT! Tell the wifey I said HI!!

  4. Alee says:

    That sounds really amazing.

  5. ladylinzi says:

    Can’t believe you guys went without me.

    But, seriously… that is not a Caipirinha. I mean, it sounds heavenly… but that is not a Caipirinha.

    • kat says:

      Don’t worry we will go again… I was promised another milk chocolate pana cotta…droool

      ps. It is a caipirinha… just blood oranges replace the lime…hence a blood orange caipirinha.

  6. kryptonitekatt says:

    I have to rescind my earlier statement that Guns n Roses ripped off Cool Hand Luke. My friend told me that they credited it on the album cover.

  7. […] Twitter and went to collect; afterwards he wrote his review which you can find on his blog here: Bitches that they are, they didn’t invite me. So, on both outings Chef Ellis Cooley came over to […]

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