We remake the Titanic

As our store and my job limp into the last week of existence it is getting harder and harder. (That’s what she said!) Oh sorry I think I had intended to make this post a serious one. Oh well live and learn. The energy really has been sucked out of the place and workers-unless you mean negative energy. We’ve got plenty of that and in truth you really can’t blame people for it.

All of us (or a great majority of us) were hard workers and to know we won’t have a job in two weeks but need to keep up appearance doesn’t exactly motivate. So Zagara’s Marketplace begins to resemble the Titanic. If the Titanic was a 2nd (read less cared about) grocery store of a popular Cleveland Hts. Store and was closing not actually sinking into freezing water. Now there is scrambling to save oneself, the pseudo concern for others and the rats are all there. The difference is the captain normally goes down with the ship no? Here you apparently just get to move to another ship but all the deckhands can try n swim for it. Thanks boss.

Anyunemployment this has all lead to various ways of dealing with it. You have the makes constant jokes about it and says everyone else is worrying too much guy. No this guy is not me. Then you got Mr. Punch the product and kick boxes dude. He is getting kinda scary. You have some of the pretend they haven’t been asked to work at the other store people. I’ve fallen into more of the calm because nothing really you can is wait but really rather not talk about it every 2 minutes category. There is no fun to be had. Eventually everyone always drags the conversation back to the impending sinking and heart will go on aspect of it.

Understandable I suppose. I lost this post. It got too unwieldy and too be honest now that damn song is stuck in my head. I’m going to end it with a bit of a story. Now you may have read about my friendly co worker bob roger smith jon raul and his tendency to eat trash. No then click here and here. Anytrash he comes up to me a few days ago and this happens.

RogerbobtylerSamJake: They’re taking me at the other store jimi.

Me: Oh that’s good. I’m glad for you.

RogerbobtylerSamJake: So we can hang there too.

Me: Nope. I’m being let go.

RogerbobtylerSamJake: What!? No! Why? They can’t do that. Don’t they know who I am? I’m gonna have to bring the family in on this one. Maybe a dead horse in their bed. You’re my gumba.

Me: Thanks.

RogerbobtylerSamJake (Puts his arm around my shoulder): Don’t worry bout it. You’ll land somewhere. Can’t believe this. I like you. It’ll be okay. I’ll take ya to lunch someday.

So now I’m unsure what should concern me more. A.) That he is feeling pity for me or B.) That by taking me to lunch he probably means out back to the dumpster.

One things for sure I’m gonna struggle to find characters like him for my blog once this store is grasping a necklace at the bottom of the ocean.


2 Responses to We remake the Titanic

  1. kryptonitekatt says:

    Yeah I would skip that lunch. I can’t believe that they’re keeping trash-eater and not you. May their store die a quick death.

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