Bozo of the week: A real shooter

Aren’t you a lucky bunch of readers? Why is that? You get to read my TMI Thursday guest post I did for the very lovely Mel over at Pursuit of your boyfriend.

Warning to Family it involves things being blown. Those things may be glass ornaments or body parts I won’t specify which, but don’t go if your family! Otherwise clicky clicky!

I’m very happy to do the guest post for her. If you’ve never read her you need to get on that. Start with mine and just keep on going! Anyhizzle,on to this post. I didn’t want to write another TMI Thursday because that would take away from the guest post. I went with a bozo of the week. There’ve been a ton I could use but I’ll go with Gilbert Arenas.


Now a bit of background in case some of you aren’t too sure who he is. Gilbert Arenas is a NBA star for The Washington Wizards. He’s a great scorer and well more than a little quirky. He’s always had the kind of personality that came off as a bit out there but generally harmless. Then he did something pretty stupid but you know in a way just a mistake and nothing really more. He stored his guns in his locker at the Verizon Center.

Okay you know not the smartest move but still not the worst thing. Then he in an apparent tiff with a teammate pulled the guns out. At one point he allegedly left them on a chair next to the teammate’s locker with a “pick one” note. Getting dumber here Gilly my boy. So when authorities caught wind of this there was gonna be trouble. The NBA also has a policy about guns in arenas. Uh oh! The NBA stayed out of it letting the police handle it first, but then good ole shoot em up Arenas went all bozo on us. His dealings with the media made it apparent that he thought it was all a joke. Then he and his teammates pulled this during intros:


He used finger guns to shoot his teammates up during the Intros of the Wizards Vs Philadelphia game two nights ago. The next day he was suspended indefinitely by the league. He sort of forced their hand in the situation. So Gilbert Arenas gets the Bozo of the Week award (Don’t shoot me!)


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