Is this thing on?

Oh hello there. As I worked on two plays (yes 2!) and 2 blog posts I forgot about posting for today.

Ah ha! You say and then add “But you were working on 2 blog posts!” Pipe down I reply.

Wait there really isn’t anyone here with me is there?

Anywizzle. Yes 2 blog posts were worked on (but I use the term worked very loosely) neither of them were for here or now. One is a guest post and the other is something bigger than a boring Monday post. What then? I’ve noticed over the past few weeks most of my humor is lost on those I work with. This is no shock seeing as a good 70% probably don’t get my humor. It smacks them in the face and slides right down their bodies, but they don’t seem to notice. This latest incident was pretty painful:

(clocked in at 12:15):

Me Its 7:15 right? I can just go home now. Can’t I?

Coworker: Its 7:15? (Looks at his watch)

Me: Yeah totally. Time to close the store and go home.

Coworker: Oh you mean what time does the store close?

Me: No. I mean close it now. Who cares and I’ll go home. Can we make that happen?

Coworker: What?

Me: Its 7:15 say it and it’ll be true. Let’s close it up and I can go home.

Coworker: Oh. You want to get off earlier than 7:15 so you can get a ride?

Me: What? It was a joke.

Coworker: Oh.

Me: The Dickens out them nobody gets me!*

Coworker: What?

Me: Never mind.

I walk off.

*A line from Scrooged. Bill Murray’s character talking about A Christmas Carol version they are doing. He does a terrifying promo for it. When questioned about he says “we wouldn’t want to scare the Dickens out of them…nobody gets me”

Enjoy your Monday.


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