What I learned from last week.

Spiced Vanilla Creamer (International Delights) is pretty tasty.

Ever since I’ve lost actual weekends having two straight days off of work makes me never want to go back.

Sherlock Holmes is a good movie. Some of the last previews had me worried that it would be overly goofy, but I enjoyed it.

There can be festive family gatherings where there is no actual fighting that happens.

That the Twilight Zone Drinking Game is a go!

The holidays really do fly by. It’s great to see everyone (some of them for the first time since the last time) but in the end it’s a blur. It leaves me wanting more.

It can be a good thing when a close friend gives you syphilis.

Who knew syphilis was so cute?

That I have two of the three fish I’m going to buy named: Admiral Ackbar and Lore. Also that I needed to write the names down because I’ve forgot about 9 of them in the process of thinking them up!

A beat down of the LA Lakers is even better when it happens on Christmas Day.

That really the only thing I spend money on myself for is comic books. It never seems to bother me to buy them, but I rarely buy anything else.

Even if most of the servers there are generally cranky I love the Inn on Coventry

And now you can get mimosas after 11 there on Sundays!

I miss half priced margarita night at Mi Pueblo

I’m a dork. I got a Green Lantern ring with my purchase of Blackest Night 5 and immediately tore it open and put it on. Like I said I’m a dork.

Above mentioned Green Lantern Ring:

I know I told you I was a dork.

I could eat cookies all day every day.

That I want a really nice close shot of this:

(It has “Read More Books” painted across the top of it)

I’ve not worked on my play in about a week.

That somehow I forgot about the new Spider-Man Noir. How the F is that possible?

There has been mistletoe hanging in the doorway between our library and living room yet I’ve not manage to procure kisses from anyone there yet.

My wife really knows how to outdo basically everyone when it comes to Christmas presents.

I may get more writing done when she has classes but I really like it when she’s on break from school.

I really want an iPhone.

Waking up to your cat throwing up on your bed is not fun.

Twice is worse.

That Citi Card can bite me blow me and lick me.

That homemade egg nog is rumtastic!

Did you learn anything fun from last week?


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