Wanna play hide the Christmas pickle?

That’s right its Christmassssssss time! More so then any other time of the year Christmas is chock full of traditions. There are simple ones like the candle lit Christmas eve mass and family parties. Then you get things like The Christmas Pickle.

An ancient Teutonic tradition (god bless the Germans!) the Christmas Pickle Ornament is as essential to a properly festooned Christmas tree as a star or angel are to most American trees. The story goes that the head of the family would hide a jar of Claussen pickles the prized pickle ornament in the tree and the children would compete to find it – the first to spot the pickle won a prize.

Or the Krampus

In Austria and some of the rural parts of Eastern Europe, there is a pre-Christian tradition that has hung around still today. It is the Krampus, an incubus who is considered by many the “evil alter-ego” to good ole Santa Claus. On December 5, bands of debaucherers outfitted in Krampus-wear (really elaborate and scary masks, horns, and sheepskin coats) roam the streets, drunk, looking for trouble, whipping those who’ve “been bad” (i.e. are standing within striking distance).

How about Broom hiding in Norway?

The hiding of all brooms on Christmas Eve night is a very old Norwegian tradition. In the old days people believed witches and evil spirits come out on this night looking for brooms to ride on, so they hid them in the safest places possible. Today, Norwegian women still hide their brooms, mops and brushes before going to sleep, while the men sometimes sneak out of the house and fire a shotgun to scare off the witches.

Not your cup of tea? Are you a single woman? Try Shoe tossing

In the Czech Republic single women perform a very unusual ritual on Christmas Eve Day, to find out if they will marry in the following year. With their backs to the house door, they throw one of their shoes over their shoulder. If the shoe lands with the heel towards the door, she will definitely stay single for another year, while if the front of the shoe points towards the door, it means she will move out of her parents’ house, and she should start making wedding preparations.

Now on to the traditions the wifey and I have. First is generally wrapping the remaining presents (though often this happens the morning of as we wait for the family!) This year is pretty different in that we’ve actually both finished wrapping presents way ahead of time. Go us!

The other tradition (going on 2 years now) is the family (her mom, step mom, dad and sis) come over to our tiny apartment for small breakfast and to open presents. My family (who I miss dearly) lives in Florida and so do not get to come over. Later that night we go to her moms or her dads house for dinner (it switches) and there are the traditional friends party.

Another one that we’ve done the last couple of years is having friends over for dinner sometime in December. This year it took place the Sunday before Christmas. We the wifey cooks a delicious main course and the friends bring the sides, apps and desserts. There will be talking, hugging (present giving sometimes) drinking and much laughter. Someone may or may not chug the last vestiges of a rum bottle. A good time is all.

Love the eggnog the night before. Yum! One of these days we’ll make our own.

The wife and I also started a tradition of buying each other a Christmas Tree Ornament each year. We give each other these ornaments the night before Christmas. We’re gonna need a bigger tree soon probably:

This is all leads up to the real tradition. We watch Bill Murray in Scrooged. Never heard of or seen it? Oh man that pains me. Watch it! If you hate it that is okay (opinions are like assholes and all that jazz) but don’t tell me because I may hate you forever. We settle in together on the couch and watch this movie every year. We quote it year round and I could probably recite the entire movie line for line.

Scrooged trailer:

What are your traditions? Oh an Merry F’ing Christmas all of you!!!


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