Romance gets gutted and coworkers suck or Things I learned from last week.

A quick little ditty on what last week taught me. Tomorrow I’ll post something I enjoyed working on about Christmas Eve traditions the wife and I have.

Just when work couldn’t get any lamer (it does): Right after helping 2 customers find the product they wanted I return to a “pep” talk. I get back and my wonderful* coworker asks me if “I can hustle for him” because he’d be going home soon and wouldn’t be there to do it. He wanted to make sure we look good for tomorrow morning—mind you there was about 9 and a half hours till closing.

Mixing red wine and white wine can really suck. It tasted pretty bad but I drank it all.

Watching Rambo** can be romantic. On two consecutive nights the wife and I watched Rambo cuddling on the couch. She’d never seen either and liked them both.

I can actually get my Christmas shopping done before the week of Christmas.

That Lauren is cool. Want photographic evidence? ***

Now she wrote this like two years ago on that bottle of rum. It sat in the back of liquor drawer with about 2 shots of rum left in it. To the horror of the guests I snapped up that rum and finished it off!

The Christmas music pumped into stores mostly sucks. I really don’t need to hear 5 different versions of the same damn songs. My wife mocked me the other day as I got out of the car to go to work because on the radio the Christmas lineup was The Kinks, Tom Petty and John Lennon.

That hearing conditioning term Fartlek is never ever ever not funny. ****

That I want this:

Uhm there is a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Shredder hoodie? Yes please.

I’m sorry if you don’t know who The Shredder is but you may be dead to me.

My wife busting out STAR WARS references is awesome. *****

I’ve begun using for serious and totes quite a bit. I’m not sure who I stole it from but thank you to whoever I did.

Alcohol of any and every kind goes down so much smoother and easier when its being drank with the Rizza.

The slap chop commercial will never ever not be funny. Why must he proclaim “you’ll love my nuts!”?

That unlike (what it appears to be) a high number of my coworkers I actually like my wife and spending time with her. I’m sorry people I work with I can’t help I have a life. Don’t hate on me because I do things whilst you sit on your couch by your lonesome.

I’m horrible. I love Delonte West yet I continue to make horrible jokes about his depression situation. I won’t even repeat the one liner I blasted out at dinner the other night.

Chiller TV Channel is getting better. Hex, Freddy’s Nightmares and a plethora of the (good kind) of bad movies.

a good reaction to a store being out of the seasonal beer you wanted is to scream at the employee who works in the Produce Department and then kick the empty boxes several times.

*I kept spelling this as wonderfoul.

**You not expendable Rambo.

***I can’t promise you she’ll sign your rum bottle.

****I paused to laugh for a little bit.

*****She dropped a “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”


4 Responses to Romance gets gutted and coworkers suck or Things I learned from last week.

  1. Hey! thanks for stopping by and singing my song, yesterday!

    So I actually laughed out loud at this post, not just a lol typed for effect, but a literal noise came out of my mouth in the form of laughter, and people glared at me, because I’m supposed to be working, not LOLing

  2. Mel says:

    That hoodie is AWESOME!

    BTW, our flag football team was called “Bebop & Rocksteady.” 🙂

  3. Lindsay says:

    It wasn’t you finishing off the rum we were grossed out by, it was the throw back your head and chug action you were rocking.

  4. […] Romance gets gutted and coworkers suck or Things I learned from … […]

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