What I learned from last week

That coughing for well over a month really sucks. (Technically I already knew this.)
That whether or not I work Mondays still suck.

This probably has a lot to do with negativity and our attitudes but then so many people hate Mondays perhaps it’s for a good reason.

That certain coworkers consider themselves members of the “superstar team” and from said conversation probably see’s me as the “C or D team”.

I can live with that because the Produce Department at a lame grocery store does not define who I am.

That I’ve become a little too comfortable with seeing blood after coughing.

Fuck coughing may be what defines…is it too late to take back the Produce Dept comment?

Working most Sundays means I miss a majority of the Browns “games” and this has meant when I don’t I’m
more likely to turn it off and spend time with my wife.

The fact that they suck doesn’t help either.

That I haven’t written a poem in about two months.

That making an effort to be a better husband can be as easy adding an extra hug to your day.

Assuming it’s your wife you are hugging.

That Cavs games just aren’t the same without the Rizza pulling and hitting me.

For an entire week I didn’t even have a notebook in my bag.

Isn’t that some sort of sin as a writer?

That drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics will flush the antibiotics from your system. Why my store manager felt the need to tell me this is beyond me. I think he thinks I’m a hardcore alcoholic.

That the phrase “Piss off” is often on the tip of my tongue.

My cat will steal an entire cookie from my hand and then eat it all.

The Big Lebowski soundtrack is a great soundtrack.

I can be way too amused by myself.

That I like it better when my wife enjoys Star Wars.

And that this will forever be one of my favorite things to watch:

2 Responses to What I learned from last week

  1. Dani says:

    I take the tendency to be WAY too amused by myself as a gift. Even if noone else thinks i’m funny, I think i’m funny. Which is great because I have it on my own authority that I have excellent taste.

    Embrace your amusement!

  2. carissajade says:

    I am sorry you don’t feel well and that your job is rude. But at least you can can fun on your own! Otherwise everything would suck even more. I always make that mistake with antibiotics and alcohol.. I guess it is because I drink quite often…And also, this is one my favorite clips EVER!

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