Conversation with Jimi part 2

Because I’m way too amused by myself I give to you a few more conversations that have occured.

Watching Castle w/ the wife when he says something will taint something else

Me: HAHA he said taint
(laugh some more and the wife looks over and starts to laugh too)

Text with the wife:

Me (in jest): Hornnnnnnnnnnnay
Wifey: cantaloupes doing it for ya?
Me: I’m pretending their tig ole bitties.
Me: Can I tell u I hope these guys get here soon cus the kids are demanding to go to the pool if
ya know what I mean
Wifey: Wow.

Somehow we got on the subject of Pubic hair

Me: You know you love to feel my curly johns all on your nose.
Wifey: Pardon me?
Me: You know you love to feel my curly johns all on your nose.
Wifey: Your curly johns?
Me: Yeah.
Wifey: WOW….WOW.

On Halloween dressed as Produce man.

Old lady: Oh you scared me. What are you?
Produce Man: I’m Produce Man citizen.
Old lady: Well you’re sure creative.
Produce Man: Thank you citizen.
Old lady: But scary.
Produce Man: Only to evil doers citizen.
Old lady: Still scary.
Produce Man: Unless you’re an evil doer you have nothing to fear citizen.
Old lady: Well have a good day.
Produce Man: Good day.

The wife says ow

Me: You shouldn’t have done that then.
Wifey: That didn’t hurt the pulling of my hair hurt.
Me: Your curly johns.
Wifey: My curly johns
Me: Actually for you it’d be curly sues
Wifey: Curly sues….I love it!


2 Responses to Conversation with Jimi part 2

  1. carissajade says:

    LOL Ok I guess I got a new name for the pubies. Curly Sues, and Curly Johns… love it! I can always count on you to add more phrases into my vocabulary!

  2. kryptonitekatt says:

    Funny convo I heard about “taint” ~ This guy asked a friend what taint meant. He proceeded to explain the slang meaning, except it turned out that this guy was reading something in the Bible and that required a totally different definition. 🙂

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