Believe it or not its just jimi when he’s sick!

So I pick up all this momentum and then bam I get sick. Tomorrow I will have a TMIT coming up, but for today I’ll keep it short. Here are a few things that may or may not have occurred while I was sick. For most of the time I’ve been walking around like this:

One morning (hours after she actually left for work) I attempted to wake my wife up. I had about a 4 minute conversation with her, before stumbling into the room to make her get up. Of course I discovered then that she wasn’t late because she had already left. I proceeded to fall back onto the couch and have a dream that the rizza, was sitting on the edge and talking to me. I woke up and called out to her, she responded but didn’t come. I went to look for her of course to not find her.There was this gem of a convo I had with my wife (kat):

Me: Hey babyyyyyyy.

Her: Yes dear.

Me: I just took a shower so I’m nice and clean.

Her: That’s nice.

Me: You know I’m not sick down there.

She just looked up and shook her head at me. I’m a real keeper. The real fun happened the day and night before. I’m pretty sure my wife swears I was hallucinating and feverish. She kept sticking a hello kitty thermometer in my mouth. That was a purchase made by her by the way. It started with me remembering and searching for the TV show “The Greatest American Hero” and then I tried to explain to her the premise of the show to her. Which of course she slowly came to the conclusion that I was lying and it was a fake show, possibly created by my germ riddled mind. Flash forward to later that night as I lay in bed I begin to sing:

Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.
I never thought I could feel so free.
Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
Who could it be? Believe it or not it’s just me.

Which as you hopefully know is from the theme song of “The Greatest American Hero” I decided that these lines were always essential as well

“I don’t really know how to use this suit, I better read the instruction manual. Oh no I can’t find the manual! Where could it be? Where could it be?

Then I started this which is from Scrooged:

“l am Mark Anthony… “..fall of Cheops… By thee I foreswear.” And then I added “my Father died and he did make me swear upon his death that I should protect thee and so for by my father’s blood I do swear..”

Why did I do any of this? It seemed like a good idea? Anyway after two straight days of calling off I decided I could suck it up and go to work. That was such a bad idea, because when I got there all my energy was sucked away. I almost died trying to put up some bananas. Anyways here ya go:


3 Responses to Believe it or not its just jimi when he’s sick!

  1. there’s such thing as a hello kitty thermometer?!?

  2. Get It 2gether says:

    Ok dude awesome blog. I am totally reading this thing from now on!

  3. Oh i forgot to mention that the “I’m not sick down there” line is a classic!

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