Bozo of the week and football say what?

Perhaps since bozo the clown is always top on the search list of what brings peeps to my blog maybe I should call it the Bozo of the week. Hmmm. Ah the potential….

Bozo/catch of the week/will come up with a better title is:


Dave Grzyb

So football is big in some places we can agree on this yeah? Real big, especially in places like Texas, Mississippi and of course Alabama. This little gem comes to us from Alabama. Now I’ll start with acknowledging this was probably just some nothing spat, and both sides didn’t press charges. That may be the case. It may not be. On to the story though. Way back in August at the start of the Alabama Football season there was an altercation between a Bama football player and his then girlfriend. It basically went like this: A crazy person woman slapped her roided up musclehead football playing boyfriend because he was talking to another girl. So far everything is so logical…..right. He then grabbed her by the hair and neck and apparently tried to shove her down she freed herself (doesn’t bode well for The Bama defense if he couldn’t tackle her huh?) and swung/missed him. Both were promptly arrested. Flash forward to her dad (Dave Grzyb) and he’s pretty pissed at said player right? No, he is very supportive of him. He called the coach to defend him and also said this:

“I hate to see this guy get in too much trouble because I honestly think it was probably initiated by my daughter. I don’t think he laid a hand on her. He just tried to restrain her to keep from getting hit again.”

After the court hearing where both cases were tossed he covered her from the media but turned to them and yelled “Roll Tide” before exiting. Now that is some fan huh? Guess fan really is taken from fanatic huh?

As we left India Garden last night the topic turned to first Kellen Winslow or scrotal staph and then Braylon Edwards. Keep in mind I was with Lindsay (@lviboheme) and the wife (@kittenkaboom) and to say neither could care less about football is a vast understatement. My wife started to explain about Braylon Edwards to Lindsay using all the appropriate terms (No not block for hands or incompletions but wide receiver), which is funny in of itself. Lindsay didn’t care and this brought out the fact that neither of them can understand/follow/learn the rules of football. Believe me people have tried. I really don’t understand this because the rules really aren’t that difficult to grasp and I consider them to be very smart. I’d venture to say 3x smarter than I am and I can easily grasp it. It really boils down I suppose to the fact that they simply don’t care. I mean they watch soccer and understand that. In truth though the rules there are a bit more simplistic.

Run 50 yards this way kick the ball to the other guy wearing the same shirt you are he runs 15 yards sideways and then misses the goal by 6 feet.


Rim shot please!

I kid. I kid. I love the footy, and that really wasn’t that funny. Is this live? Oh.

A new segment starts today and that is my wife vs. my cats in football pick em.

I will ask my wife and she’ll pick however she does, and then the cats will have the options to play with 2 pieces of paper. One will represent one team and clearly the other piece the other team.

First pick (no video cause the battery needs charging):

Louisiana Tech vs. Nevada

A few tidbits on the two teams:

LA Tech: Colors: Red and (Tech?)blue Nickname: Bulldogs. One of Tech’s great traditions is the players rubbing a bronze bulldog statue commemorating Tech’s entry into Division 1A football as they enter the stadium

Nevada: Colors: Blue and silver Nickname: Wolfpack Alphie: Nevada’s wolf mascot. Alphie replaced cousin “Wolfie” as the institution’s mascot earlier this decade following Wolfie’s reign that began in the 1970s.

Wife: La Tech

Csonka: Nevada

Rasputin: La Tech


One Response to Bozo of the week and football say what?

  1. LiLu says:

    Hahaha! Your methods are hilarious!

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