What I learned from last week

Chiller T.V. isn’t all bad. It’s mostly a disappointment, but it now shows Friday the 13th: The series and Freddy’s Nightmares. Both are very bad television but oh so fun to watch.

I get down on writing too easily. At basically the same time I found a huge hole in my latest play my wife lectured me on being a quitter when it comes to writing too much. She’s probably right.

I’ll probably never feel I write enough. I write a lot but it never seems enough.

I don’t take my writing serious enough sometimes.

I miss my family more than I thought I did. I mean I knew I missed them but with the knowledge and excitement at the thought of my sisters coming to visit made it clear how much I miss them.

That I have the NHL Network and that it is awesome.

My wife doesn’t want to be Robin Gibb to my Barry Gibb. This was the second rejection as Lindsay didn’t want to be Zombie Gibb.

I need a new (non work) costume.

I’m leaning toward Mega Shark w/ Plane.

My store managers learned how to pronounce the word fairness but I’m not sure they read the definition.

I don’t read anywhere near as much as I use to. Somehow I’ve got to get back to a book a week.

I miss school/wouldn’t hate grading papers for a living. After reading L-rizzle’s draft of a paper for her class I realized I really enjoy reading papers.

Cutting your finger in the crease really sucks.

Fiddler on the Roof is at best an ok play.

That there is this:
heat wave

And I have to read it.

That gay men and sixteen year old girls have a weird obsession with me.

I don’t have enough interaction with other poets or poetry anymore.

That having Neil Gaiman retweet you will lead to a ton of new followers and more retweets.

Neil Gaiman is pretty AMAzing. His voice was hurting but he did a great job, and different voices for different characters.

That I plan and design many a humorous thing but rarely see them through to completion.

Skipping breakfast is probably a bad idea.

Most of my pictures on my phone are of my cats or some sort of alcoholic beverage.

Rum is my friend–my good friend.

I’d be great at shameless self promotion if I just had something profitable or even happening to shamelessly self promote.

I’m only a fair to middling as a husband.

It is becoming harder to pretend I like certain coworkers.

That I’m not okay with the above.

That my work wants us to be or at least sincerely “appear” to be happy

Of course they don’t want it to be too happy.

halloween socks

Did you learn anything from last week?


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