Fun Friday and I got My Produce man mask started!

This weekend is pretty packed for me. First off as always I’ve got to work on one of the days (and today). Cue the boos and maybe even toss some sort of rotting fruit… check that I deal with fruit enough on a daily basis….I don’t hear any booing! Despite having to venture out in the rain today to work till 4 and then working tomorrow till 9pm there will be fun had this weekend.

First up for our hero is Fiddler on the Roof at the Beck Center for the Arts. It is definitely not my favorite play but it is a fun time. It may just lead to some sort of sentimental post because it is really the first show I have a vivid memory of seeing with my mom.

Saturday is of course the first Saturday of the month and can only mean Cult Movie time at @Cedarleetheatre. Yeah! This time it is Rosemary’s Baby. It carried the dreaded “m” rating and is about the spawn of Satan. Ask the concession stand to “bail you out with free popcorn” and you’ll get some for free.

Sunday Neil Gaiman is doing a reading/signing for the writers and readers series. His books are great and he wrote my favorite Batman story arc of all time. It means missing the Browns game but are you really missing anything? Check him out on twitter at @neilhimself and for more info on the reading click here.

Sunday also will be the day we get to check out the Pekar Project Live from Web to Wall. Harvey Pekar’s been mining the mundane for magic for more than 30 years in his autobiographical American Splendor comics. If you haven’t seen him around Cleveland you haven’t been trying. The Pekar Project, the first ongoing webcomics series written by Pekar, launched August 24 on SMITH Magazine. The opening for the gallery is tonight but the event runs through the 9th of October. The Pekar Project is vintage Pekar, you can see it here. Infor on the the gallery here:

Now on to the suggested Fun Friday activity for this week. As you all may know I enjoy my Halloween and have posted the plan of attack for my work one in an earlier post. So my suggested activity is get friends together get some sort of adult beverage and plan your Halloween costume/activity. Pass around ideas. Try to come up with team ones. Plan and draw it out. It is a lot of fun. Then get to starting on it. Here is the humble beginnings of Produce Man. Have no idea who Produce Man is? Click here.

produce man mask

We plan to put some sort of vegetables on the mask. Yes I’m so excited!

So what are your plans for the weekend? Have fun whatever you do!</font>


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