Nazi Zombie’s and other things

Pounding headache and a lot of script to work on means this will be short,sweet and shallow. A review of what my weekend was. It was a pretty eventful one. Dead Snow, Parnell’s, Bridge Project, Columbus Crew match and more.

It was quite the weekend. I haven’t shaved since Thursday and so I currently look like this:


The lack of shaving has more to do with laziness/desire to sleep a little longer before going off to work. Nonetheless I’m sporting the whole wolf man look. Upon further review perhaps being forced to work every Sunday isn’t such a bad thing. I mean it is a laid back sort of day where anyone with real power couldn’t be bothered to come in. The main reason is maybe their doing me a favor by making it impossible to watch the Browns? It is downright painful. Has I was working in the backroom I pulled out my phone to check the score. It was about an hour after the game started, and I clicked my sports link and what came up was Cle 7 Balt 0 and I was shocked and happy. Of course when I clicked it I realized it was the Indians score against the Orioles. I went to the right place to see the 10-0 Ravens lead. How is it they appear to be getting worse and worse each week? Aren’t you suppose to improve? If both Qb’s suck can there be controversy?

Friday night we went to see Dead Snow. That night we got to meet Linzi’s friend Kat (not to be confused with her friend and my wife Kat.) Before we went to the flick we went to Parnell’s and had a drink. I love sitting around and talking with good friends (and new ones) at this watering hole. It is always good to see Liz and shoot the shit with her too. Now seeing as I didn’t take any actual pictures I’ve a crudely rendered paint version of the ladies.
ladies at Parnell's

This in no way represents how I think they looked. The three of them are very lovely.Dead Snow was fantastic. You have less than a week to get over to the Cedar Lee Theatre and see it. It is a fun time and very well done. A zombie fan? Go see it. Horror fan? Go see it. It has gore, it has jumps, and it has jokes. It may even have a message, but most of all it has Nazi Zombies! Here is the trailer:

Saturday it was off to The Cleveland Bridge Project. I was very excited for this unique event for a long time. It is one thing I love about Cleveland, there are many ways to promote/enjoy/get yours out there art wise. It was a lot of fun. It was a very interesting site and I hope it continues to happen. The views and setting itself was as big a draw as the art and performances. Here are a few pictures of the site itself.

It looked awesome! After the Bridge Project we headed over to Burger King where we got to see the Heaven Train.
heaven train

I stole that pic from Linzi. We didn’t hop on board because we were headed to Columbus to watch the Crew take on the Galaxy. It rained the whole way there and for the 2 hours we waited at the Stadium. It looked like were doomed to sit in the rain for 90 minutes. At least they keep playing throughout, but 10 minutes before the match the rain stopped. It was a pretty night for the rest of the match. It was probably our last chance to stick to Beckham. So of course as he was announced we…wait what oh yeah he didn’t fly with the team because he was too busy doing this:


I think he had a hang nail.

The Crew won and has sole position of first in both the east and the entire MLS. None of you care but whatever. Linzi and I enjoying the match/the teams come out:

Steak and shake followed. Mmmmmm Butterfinger milkshake was tasty. Long drive home where all three of us were falling asleep (or wanting to). Of course we got home at about 2 am and the stench from Bigfoot that was in our apartment hallway when we left was still there.

Sunday I had to work and then we went to the wife’s dad’s house for some Beef Ribs. Damn they were tasty!

What was your weekend like?

One Response to Nazi Zombie’s and other things

  1. dude. wolfmen are awesome.

    just say no to shaving.

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