I think I can I think I can or Thankful Thursday

I’d like to point out that as soon as I implemented this whole Thankful Thursday thing my life has been one crapfest after another. Who would’ve guessed? Did I start this because of the pending crapfest or did the starting of this start the crapfest. What came first the chicken or the egg? I’m just going to have to defer to Jay-z when it comes to all this drama in my life:

“You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder.”

And as for the chicken or the egg question as it pertains to Thankful Thursday. I don’t know. Why I keep it up or if it actually accomplishes anything for me I really don’t know. It may be that I’m the beacon of hope to the hopeless, and by showing the little things that bring me joy it’ll help others do the same. It could be mean that I’m just pretending to fight the good fight and using this to cover my desire to be one of the gloom and doom set. It could be that I’m fighting the good fight no matter what always the good fight. I’d like to think that. So I defer once again to someone cooler than myself, namely Jules Winfield.

“I’d like that. But that shit ain’t the truth. The truth is, you’re the weak, and I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd.”

A stretch probably, but anytime there is an excuse to quote Pulp Fiction I’ll take it. It’ll grow on ya. Okay probably not.

Still have a job: I know I’ve been not so happy about my job lately. I’ve whined and said how I’m searching for a new one. I still am, but I’m not so delusional as to not realize that it pays the bills.

Mandatory Employee meeting: In all honesty this meeting sucked. That being said I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m trying. It did give us a really wasted employee spurting off. It was sort of entertaining. More on it below.

One highlight from the mandatory meeting for all employees: Being told we’re gonna be cut down to 35 hours a week the power point slide that said:


I’m certainly pumped now!

And now for the sake of staying positive (and that is the real reason for Thankful Thursday) here are a few things I’m Thankful for.

Astound! Comics: There is nothing that cheers me up more than making a trip to Astound! to pick up the latest comic books. It started out with just Linzi and me, and though we were close already I believe these trips brought us closer. Now throw in the fact that the wife comes with us and not in the bored uninterested way and it’s all the better!

Wonder Woman: Not so much my cup of tea but her brand of strong female ass kicking may have got my wife into Comic Books. How hot is that?

Zazzle check: Yes a check from zazzle for $25.76! Woo drinks on me! It’s a crappy amount but hey money is money, and someone likes my idea enough to pay and wear it. That’s cool right?

My Zombie calendar: I bought it for work because I’m dumb and thought I should keep track of important days and then they decided I should cup nuts instead. It keeps me ahead of the game by hipping to me all the different kinds of Zombies. This month’s zombie is British Zombie. zombie calender

British Zombie: Red eyes; discolored flesh; open wounds; Immediate, lethal motor response; Limited speech capability (I.E., snarls and shrieks) Origin: Medical mishap, viral transmission. Gore factor: Bloody awful. Intelligence: High. Mobility: Fast with medium-range roaming capabilities. Hot spots: Merry olde England; Classic horror remakes.

Nerf Herder: For helping me get through this writing. For the obvious reference to Star Wars (if you don’t get it I’m not telling) For the song Van Halen. For the song (Stand by your) Manatee And for the line: “Don’t bother going to class because nobody cares if you cut and it’s not smart to experiment with BenGay on your nuts.” Courtesy of the song High School.

This video: (Stand by your)Manatee video.

Adventures in Babysitting: For giving me 102 minutes this Saturday night that I won’t have to worry about anything.

Jack Daniels: We don’t even need to talk anymore. You’ll listen if I wanna talk and oh you go down so smooth.

5 minute store meeting: So in an idea jacked from inspired by Walmart the store has a short meeting in the middle of the store. It has been called a pep rally, and I kid you not ends with “Go Zagara’s!” Now normally this really sucks but the day after being told we are getting our hours cut having it was priceless. Our store manager was so uncomfortable it was awesome! Yeah losing hours we’re pumped now! Woo.

Getting this: spider-man omd

and this:
spider-man and black cat

On a real crappy day I came home to find that both of these had arrived. It helped. I’ve ranted about them before. One being Kevin Smith’s run on Amazing Spider-Man and the other being Spider-Man One More Day.

My Desk: Sitting at a desk and writing actually makes me feel like a writer. We’ll see how long it lasts.

My hair: It’s long enough again to do cool things with. Okay really only long enough to do some sweet ass pig tails but still. Yea!!!

What’s that? Oh can only use the “Yea!” when reporting your store isn’t closing? Sorry.

Conversations with bartenders: At the grog shop it’s always awesome to poke fun at the kids or discuss Admiral Ackbar with Marty. It’s always a good time to saddle up to the bar at Parnell’s and chat it up with Liz and Declan. Good times to be had.

Well I’m off that’s it kiddos. What the hell are you thankful for?


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