Thankful Thursday 9-10-09

Kevin Smith’s 24 hour tweetahon:
It kept me from writing entertained when I couldn’t sleep. It also helped me come to realize one of my favorite story tellers (Smith) had written for my favorite comic book. Just in case your new to me it is Spider-man. It was during the period I was away from comic books (as my wife reads this I bet she’s thinking/saying “wish he still was”—and I say hush you!) The point is I never read his story arc and of course I need it!
I’ve since purchased the above story arc for a total of 6 bucks! To make things better I’ve bought the much booed and hissed at story arc One More Day that ended right before I started reading again. This is the story arc that ended the Peter Parker/Mary Jane romance. It is much hated by the unable to change and let things breathe fans. It shall soon be mine!

Portugal struggling:
Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal are in danger of missing the World Cup. They still have a shot but like Argentina and France it’ll be a tough path. The thought of Ronaldo crying again (this time tears of sadness) thrills me!
Zombie tees, need I say more?

Parnell’s Pub:
There is no better place to watch some soccer in the city. They pour the perfect pint too.

Columbus Sept 26th:
Going to see the Columbus Crew beat on the LA Galaxy and David Beckham.

It was a day where I got some actual writing done for the first time in a long time.

Grog Shop tonite:
A chance to drink and see some friends is always good.

Oh and this picture of me as a Sugardale Hotdog:
sugardale jimi

So what are you thankful for?


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