fun friday…maybe?

Is it possible to be suffering from the winter doldrums the first week of September? Maybe or maybe I’m just in the biggest funk of my life. Now being a writer I apparently have the disposition to be moody and brooding (or perhaps broody?) No? Okay. So I get in the gloomy moods, the brooding moods, the woe is me starving writer mood, but I always pull out quickly.

Ed note: Not too quickly ladies. What’s that you say? I’m married? Oh yes of course. Quite happily too!!

Where was I? Hoping my wife doesn’t read my blog? Oh stop that. Ah being the gloomy writer. I’ve had that aspect of my personality for well as long as I can remember. It is a part of me that I’ve grown to accept and deal with. I can usually snap right out of it. I mean with a wife like this:

and a bestie who will do this:170

how could I not? Plus it usually can disperse with a few angry texts to the L-rizz. I get into funks that’s a given. Usually some reading, drinking, writing (hell all three!) can take care of it. This is like a super funk—the Godzilla of funks. Sure it has a lot to do with the changes that I’m not happy with at work, and probably that I’ve not seen my closest friends in a while. Oh and several rejections—England simply does not like my poetry—these I shrug off with a shot or two. None of the usual things have worked. I haven’t read or written in basically a week (blog reading/writing aside). I’ve done the drinking but it’s been of the home alone at 10 am variety. This text with L-rizz sums it up perfectly:

Me: How did I use to fight despair because I forgot?
L-rizz: Well you had to do something

But what? Can it be I actually had some sort of way to ward these funks off and really forgot it? Do you have something, some sure fire way to get out of funks? If so let me know, maybe it was the thing I forgot. Yesterday helped a little. I did a lot of organizational type stuff for my writing. I submitted to places (not in England) and worked on some writing.

All that leads me to Fun Friday! This weekend needs to be fun even if I am working for 8 hours on Saturday and 8 more on freaking Sunday!

This weekend I’ll be going to Oktoberfest! You know when not working the entire weekend! Bastards! I will also be attending Fast Times At Ridgemont High at the cedar lee of course.

Anyhoo this week’s fun Friday suggestion other than those two things is go to a toy store. It needs to be a fun retro toy store like big fun if you can find one. Once there soak it all in baby, and then buy you some animal noses. They are a ton of fun. You can create a collection.

pig nose


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