maybe we shouldn’t have chosen the pet semetary kitty

Is it really September already? There are a few things we can do. First I’m gonna wrap myself in a blanket because my living room is cold. Wait, what? The world right now is topsy turvy. Marvel is being bought by Disney. I’m working in Produce and it’s chilly already? Throw in my cat is being a very weird meany.We can begin with a short review of my 5 things I look forward to in September post. One of them was the Browns home opener against the Vikings. Well the wonderful establishment that is Zagara’s Marketplace after taking my position away and shoving me in Produce has also seen it fit to schedule me for two straight Sundays and probably both Saturdays too. How kind no? So that one is a no go. Oktoberfest this weekend however is a go as is Fast times at Ridgemont High.

Now on to the curious case of my kitty. Just recently we noticed that Csonka (our youngest kitty) had these scabs and was scratching a whole heck of a lot. So we took her to the vet. You should hear her when we put her in the carrier. She screeches and screeches. She sounds like a small child. Well we get her there and get her checked out and it turns out she has that dreaded f word. FLEAS!!! Well we get the stuff for her and for Rasputin (who is at home and not showing the flea signs). I guess she is rather allergic to the fleas and he is not. He has however been acting rather strange and mean since then. It actually started before we got back with her. As Csonka was in the carrier and freaking out I thought it may calm her down if I brought him over to her. He started to flip out. He began growling and hissing at me. He then went up to the cage and hissed at her before running off. Well when we got back he was at the door like he almost always is when we come home. He acted normal until we put the carrier down. He then ran into the bedroom. We let her out and she bolted of course. I went into the bedroom to get him because we had a pill to give him, but as I went to pick him up he hissed at me. I brought him into the living room and near the carrier and he went Crazy!

I mean nuts. Hissing growling and struggling to get away. The wife came around the corner just as I turned with him and he had his mouth wide open scary pet semetary cat style. Made even scarier because he is the type of cat from that book. I let him down and he ran and hid under the bed, stopping to hiss and swipe at Csonka again before hand. We had dinner plans at her dads so we left him hoping everything would be calm when we returned. Dinner was delicious. We had dolmades. The company was also good and included much laughter, which can I tell you I needed (hell still need). Anyway when we returned home everything appeared to be back to normal. We were greeted like always by both kitties! Yay! It turned out to provide false hope, because as they followed us into the living room he again hissed at her and ran off. Later as I passed him he hissed at me and hid under the bed. Csonka spent most of the night in the kitchen away from him. As we readied for bed he’d come in stare at her and go near her, but growl and hiss. Later on we woke up to his hissing at her and I pet him a little which seemed to calm him down but as I reached over to pet him some more he hissed and bit me and went all mike tyson on my hand. He has never bitten me before or scratched for that matter. He got me pretty good so props to him for not being rusty. As I write this he is laying next to me purring and being loving. So that appears to have changed but I’ve not seen any interaction between he and her this morning. It is all very strange.



One Response to maybe we shouldn’t have chosen the pet semetary kitty

  1. kryptonitekatt says:

    You left out the funny part of the story.

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