go ahead and text me

I had a few missions for today. Finish my beer review for the new issue of Messy Magazine, do some solid work on The Devil Comes To Dinner and not think about my crap job at all. Easy enough yes? Lets review shall we:

Last night I continually dreamt of work tasks being done in the strangest of places. For example trimming green leaf lettuce on a small raft as sharks tried to bite me. So I’m gonna count the not thinking of work as a no–if for the simple reason I thought about it while deciphering that dream.

Now I did finish the Messy Magazine ( @messymagazine ) beer review. Yay go me! Well I technically finished it yesterday. Leaving me plenty of time to work on The Devil Comes to Dinner right?


I did accomplish a few things. I accomplished thinking about the play and what needs to be done but then other script ideas would sneak in and that’d be the the end of it. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I did any sort of work with those ideas but of course I didn’t. I’ve sat around with my neck hurting, a throbbing headache and have done nothing. Well that isn’t the whole truth. I’ve managed to not eat, not clean the library, not look for a new job, not be called by the place I applied to. Oh and be a little disturbed by the fact that MARVEL COMICS was bought by Disney. So I have no real post but the title refers to some strange guy texting me about 15 times last night. It was late at night and annoying. He apparently thought I was lying about not being the person I said I was. Here is the conversation that took place between 12:50am and 1:37am. Don’t worry I’m not gonna make a 24 joke here.

strange number: waz up wit you lyk *

*apparently polo kid is his sig. So from here on out he will be polo kid.

Me: I don’t think you have the right number.

Polo kid: Wat you me.

Me: Uhm o………k?

Polo Kid: wat dat mean?

Me: I have no clue who you are looking for but it isnt me.

Polo kid: wat you ben up 2?

Me: You don’t want to know.

Polo kid: Wat dat You ben wat dat me

Me: I have no clue what any of that means.

Polo kid: Wat dat mean?

Me: That you don’t know me so stop texting me.

Polo kid: You play.

Polo kid: u play

Polo Kid: Dis exactly be oshae

Me: Yeah I don’t know you.

Polo kid: Wat dats how it is

Polo kid: dats how it is. it is

Me: who exactly do you think I am?

Polo kid: Sierra.

Me: Nope not me.

Polo Kid: Sierra

Me: Nope I’m certainly not.

Polo kid: dat how it be

Me: I can call you and prove it I’ll call and say boogie boogie fuck!

Polo kid: oh my bad i musta been trippn i got da wrng number.

That last one was at 1:37:54am.


3 Responses to go ahead and text me

  1. ladylinzi says:

    Oh I love it when random people text and don’t believe they have the right number. It’s so frustrating and yet so incredibly hilarious.

  2. ladylinzi says:

    By that I obviously meant ‘wrong’ number.

  3. kryptonitekatt says:

    That’s hilarious….”boogie boogie fuck!”

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