the brian prototype


cinnamon chip eyes.
possibly an edible ball bearing for the piercing White and black frosting mixed to look gray.
white frosting for the face.
Black frosting for the hair (slightly spiked)
Black frosting for the frown (frown is a must)
Funfetti cupcake mix

I’m not sure why things I do surprise people anymore. When I say I’m going to do something I usually do it. This is especially the case when it comes to the weird or just plain humorous. Don’t think I’ll wear a pig nose to a bar? Then go to the Grog Shop when I’m there. Introduce myself as someone else? Check. You have to live life and have fun while doing it. It’s why I went to work as Hannah Montana on Halloween.

So I’ve decided to share the prototype designs of “The Brian”. Yes it’s a muffin/Cupcake creation. As to which one it’ll be that has yet to be decided and as a whole it will be tweaked. This is the planning stages.

How it came about:

One day while talking to the Dark Prince of IT—otherwise known as Brian—it sort of started as a joke. The conversation went something like this:

Jimi enters IT office.

Dark Prince: Shoot me
Me: Bang.
Dark Prince: No for real.
Me: But you’d be missed way too much.
Dark Prince: Nobody would. Nobody appreciates me.
Me: I appreciate you. In fact I’m going to name a muffin after you.
Dark Prince: Uhm okay.
Me: I will.
Dark Prince: Why?
Me: Because you like muffins and I appreciate you. It’ll be blueberry and have cinnamon chip eyes.
Dark Prince: That doesn’t sound very good.
Me: It will be disgusting, but that’s no reflection on how much I appreciate you.
Jimi exits and sticks head back in.
Me: It may be wild berry because you’re wild.


It grew and grew from there. It became more than a joke or a way to weird others hearing (and the Dark Prince) out. It became needed. A must do for me. Later that day telling my wife and our friend Linzi they laughed and laughed. So hence The Brian will be made and you guessed it presented to B-rye and our coworkers soon. Pictures and possibly a video of the making of the brian to follow.


2 Responses to the brian prototype

  1. Brian says:

    Oh my dear god…

  2. kryptonitekatt says:

    I love the “edible ball bearing for eye piercing”

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