That’s not a glass, this is a glass.


That beautiful glass my friends is the current glass of the month at Winking Lizard. It is filled with Ayinger Bräu Weisse, which is tasty but I’ll review that some other time. It is also one of the symbols of my success and of my failure. I as some of you know am doing the world tour of beers at the lizard. There are over 100 different beers that are part of the world tour. Anyone participating must have 100 of them. You get a nifty little card they swipe to keep track. Now if you make it to 100 you get a jacket and at 50 they give you another prize. This year I started on day one way back in January. I’ve managed to get each month’s glass which can be hard to do because once they’re gone they be gone for good. So yay me! Go team and all that. Now the failure comes with the fact that said beer was only number 27. Only number 27 and I started on day 1? You got to be kidding me. So because I am a man and like any man strong of character faced with failure I will admit…..

That is all my friend’s faults! No wait I can’t do that without blaming my wife too! I mean I blame my friends for either being flakes or girls who don’t like to drink beer. They in theory could help me by drinking one or two with me each time but nooooo they don’t like beer. I can’t believe I’ve failed in such an epic manner. I hereby claim that I shall finish with at least 50 and the midpoint prize and furthermore next year I will make 100! I shall overcome. I have a dream and etc etc….

Here is a crudely drawn paint rendition of what it’ll be like with my winking lizard chair which is the midway prize:

midway chair

*chair and person are much larger in real life.
* oh and actual chair is black I believe.


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