I almost take a look inside.

This past weekend (read three days ago) could serve as some sort of social experiment.


After several years of trying Jimi has become less of the anti-social writer and more of a normal person.


The wife is away for three days over the 4th of July weekend.


After craving more excitement my Uncle bought two droids that lead me to the hut of one Ben Kenobi. He told me of my Father and the Force. I returned home to find the Empire had murdered my family. I then left with my Uncle on a great adventure to find my destiny as a Jedi Knight.

Oh wait that is Star Wars. Thank you Spike TV for showing that!

Side note: Seriously I send my deepest thanks to Spike TV. I may not like a lot of the programming but I do love their propensity for showing the Star Wars franchise. There is never a time I pass up a chance to watch Star Wars.

So here we go kiddos hop on board and make sure your hands and feet are in the vehicle. That is right when the cat is away the mice will play….

Video games all weekend. To be fair I did drink a lot too. Now there were several attempts made by people to get me to do things with them. I’ll say here it wasn’t that I didn’t necessarily appreciate the offer or want to do stuff with them. I just envisioned this weekend as shrouding myself in darkness, booze and writing. Just recently I finished a mammoth two act play and yes that certainly provided a large amount of momentum writing wise. The problem was it came in a weird place. I finished it about two days before my sister came to visit for about a week. I did no writing during that time (by choice) and it turns out that really hindered said momentum. I sort of viewed the weekend of the 4th as a time to get some serious writing done. So I turned down any and all request to do things. Well there was one but to be fair seeing my best friend and best man was a must. Talking writing with her always gets the inspiration back. So here comes this weekend. I got into my apartment Friday the 3rd at 5:56 pm and did not leave it until 3:00 pm Sunday. The 4th and fireworks came and what was I doing well at that point I was watching what would be about 9 hours worth of soccer. Before that you ask? Well Star Wars on Spike TV of course. There was writing and drinking and sitting in the apartment hidden from the world.

Have I changed? You betcha!
Am I still a big time loner? You betcha.

I am however real fun at parties. I’ll be the one wearing one of my various animal noses.

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