yay I can be awkward on the phone too

So I get this voicemail message from one of my in-laws:

Jimi Hi. I want you to do me a favor. I’m here in Portland at the store—the record store. If you get this within the next hour give me a call. I want you to tell me some of the bands and cds you guys like.

So I like the faithful son in law call her back.

Her: What kind of music do you like?
Me: Uhmm…you mean music wise or bands….music is kind of a good mix but rock…
Her: What are some of the bands?
Me: Uhm Weezer…
Her: Whaaaat?
Me: Weezer?
Her: We….?
Me: eezer.
Her: O…..kay
Me: Yeah. Uhm Rage against the machine
Her: Whoooooo?
Me: Rage against the machine….Greenday…..Dinosaur Jr.
Her: Whaaaaaaaaat?
Me: Dinosaur Jr.
Her: Yeah….what….no ok…..who else?
Me: Mudhoney.
Her: (laughs strangely) Whaaaaat?
Me: Mudhoney.
Her: O….h…..o…..kay…..do you have any of these?
Me: Oh well yeah….(tell her which cds we don’t have of them)
Her: What else?
Me: The last 2 Marilyn Manson cds
Her: Who the heck?
Me: Marilyn Manson
Her: Right uhmmm sure…I’ll see what I can find.
Me: Oh…
Her: Goodbye.
Oh how I love awkward phone conversations.


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