yay for awkward work moments

I never miss a beat. Latest email:

Hello James,
Thank you for taking the time to submit your application to Smidge Magazine. We have received an overwhelming response and at this time we are placing your application on standby at this time. In the near furture we may call upon you for an interview.
Again thank you for your time.
***** ******** Editor

I wonder does this count as a rejection? Does this mean the take a shot and shrug it off rule applies here?
Oh was I suppose to wait till you answered to take the shot? Sorry. Let us chalk that up to a learning experience. In other news some random customer hugged me today. Either she thought I knew her or I did know her. Awkward. Here is a very crude (but totally accurate) paint drawing of the event.

awkward work moment


One Response to yay for awkward work moments

  1. sadieslashcharliej says:

    never knock a hug. even if it’s weird and creepy.

    same goes for random blog comments from unknowns like me.
    i’m sure you agree when i say, you can never get enough.

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