Here is the second track from the E.T. CD. Yeah I like to avoid real writing.


I got one big brown head, you don’t pick up I’m gonna be dead.
Baddies bang at the door, Reese’s pieces all ova the floor
This is just a speak and spell with a coffee can, tell me you have a secret plan.
Phonin’ Phonin’ Phonin’

My neck is all stretched out
And Elliot be looking like he got gout.
I learned all my words from Sesame Street.
Time running short, g men on my tail, your boy really be on the hot seat.
Gone are the good times back on Halloween.
I’m big time you know in the clutch I’ll make it out clean.
Give me my celly and drop me in the forest to roam
Excuse me Mr. Officer I just want to call home.


I dropped the Hershey people a pot of gold.
June 82 I owned you, records knocked cold.
Hands down the best sci fi movie ever made.
May be an analogy for Jesus, don’t mean I can’t get paid.
So big I can have my own time zone, this alien be rich and it shows
Don’t act like my neck don’t bling, bitch even my heart glows!
In my left pocket an IPhone and in the right blackberry curve.
Beat back suckas with ease. Blink and you’ll miss my swerve.


Worldwide you know I got that dough.
Get in my face and I swing steel like Imma golf pro.
How you gonna act like ET down cap?
Who you to think an alien can’t rap?
Bought my mom a planet with all the royalties.
Every time I come around got Henry Thomas tugging on my sleeves.
Tricked out tie fighters sit in my garage.
No more played out government vans for my entourage.



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