Breaking news Marte has first R.B.I; Tribe still lose

There was a familiar storyline to the Indians 9-6 loss to the Minnesota Twins last night. First off there was the bullpen blowing a tribe lead. Cleveland entered the game with an ERA of 5.03 which is the worst of any major league bullpen. This time it was Mastny to take the lumps for the tribe falling to 0-2 on the season. The loss sunk the bullpens record to 8-17.

A few moves earlier in the week weren’t meant to shore up Cleveland’s struggling pen. The first of which was designating for assignment their former ace closer Joe Borowski. Joe BO epitomizes the woe of Cleveland. He was a league leader in saves (45) only one year ago but could not find his form after battling an injury early on. He was 1-3 with a 7.56 ERA in 18 games this season.

Another theme that the game upheld was the efforts of one Grady Sizemore went for naught. This time a milestone for the young outfielder was overshadowed by the teams 7th (during the writing of this it became 8th) straight loss. In the second inning he hit a three run home run which was his 100th career homer. With the homer he is now one stolen base shy of being (along with Joe Carter) the only Indian’s player with 100 career home runs & 100 stolen bases.

The main news–the stop the presses you’ll never believe what happened moment involve Andy Marte. The tribe’s bench warmer third baseman has barley played this season and struggled when he has. With the fact that the team has pretty much fallen into wait for next year mode he’ll be forced into the starting lineup. Well the corner man batting about a buck fifty logged his first RBI of the year. It only took him 28 games or over 50 at bats to do it. In comparison tribe Ace C.C Sabathia has as many runs batted in (1) and more HR’s (1) in only 3 at bats. Marte also had a stellar performance in the field making a couple nice defensive plays.

C.C Sabathia appears to be on his way out of town possibly as early as Monday. The likely team is the Brewers for a package of prospects. It’s a painful realization to come to but at a point where the team will be going nowhere and neither side is willing to shape their offers to meet in the middle there really is no other option. A team that can now only look to next year can’t afford to lose a CY Young award winner for nothing. Two draft picks push the timetable for success back even further. I wonder if there was/is any pressure or guilt felt by C.C’s teammates. I mean coming in to the season they sort of ha his future in their hands. If they had played well he’d more than likely continue in Cleveland’s rotation for the entire year. If that was the case maybe the negotiation would’ve continued in a different manner with a different outcome. Who knows? It’s hard to remember that this team was one win away from the World Series last year.


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